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earl grey bunny biscuits with lemon drizzle.

Easter! What better time to combine your love of tea into the shape of a bunny rabbit and call it seasonal? Made with a crunchy Earl Grey infused biscuit and drizzled with signature lemon icing, these are the perfect Springtime treat for little ones and grown ups alike. I used the lovely new bunny cutter from the Laura Ashley Easter range too - which you can win in my latest giveaway.

Shopping list.
For the Earl Grey biscuits
♥ Two Earl Grey tea bags
♥ 250g butter, softened at room temperature 
♥ 90g caster sugar
♥ 50g light brown sugar
♥ 1 egg yolk
♥ 200g plain flour
♥ 100g ground almonds (stick with an extra 100g plain flour for nut free)

For the lemon icing
♥ 75g icing sugar 
♥ One lemon

Equipment; Cling film, biscuit cutter, baking tray, piping bag. Oh and a kettle. But if you've come this far, I'm expecting you to already have one.

Step one. Boil the kettle and brew roughly 2 tablespoons of boiling water with the Earl Grey tea bags. After 5-10 minutes, this will create a really strongly infused black tea. Remove tea bags and allow to cool.

Step two. Whilst that is brewing away, cream together your butter and sugar. Mix in the egg yolk and combine.

Step three. Lastly add in the flour, ground almonds and Earl Grey tea mix. Squeeze in a tiny bit of your lemon. Break open one of the tea bags and stir in the tea leaves too, for an extra infused flavour and nice speckled finish.

Step four. Mix together until you have a nice ball of dough. Wrap in cling film and chill for 30 minutes in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Step four. On a floured surface, cut out your biscuit shapes and arrange on a baking tray, bearing in mind they will grow slightly.

Step five. Bake for 15 minutes and then completely cool, whilst you make the lemon icing.

Step six. For the lemon icing, simple squeeze in your lemon juice very gradually and stir until it creates a thick paste. Try not to go overboard and make it too runny.

Step seven. Fill your piping bag, snip the end and drizzle over your cooled biscuits in and arty fashion. You could do this by drizzling the icing off a fork and moving backward and forward but, from experience, you do risk a massive dollop of icing covering an entire biscuit.

And devour! As long as you don't feel too guilty eating the poor bunny's ears. Nah, me neither! I especially enjoyed these with a cup of Earl Grey tea, as it seemed to enhance the flavour more than I was expecting. I also gave a few away - believe it or not!

Have you got any Earl Grey baking recipes? Or perhaps you've been baking some Easter treats? I'd love to know!