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nutella macarons.

Macarons have got to be one of my favourite things to make. And let's face it, who isn't fond of Nutella? That pretty much sums up how these Nutella macarons came about. Made using a French macaron recipe and lashings of your favourite hazelnut spread, these little delights are gluten free and super indulgent. 

Shopping list. 
(Makes 12 medium or 24 mini) 
♥ Two egg whites
♥ 75g caster sugar 
♥ 80g icing sugar 
♥ 10g cocoa powder
♥ 75g ground almonds, sieved until fine 
♥ Food colouring gel or powder - I used Sugarflair Dark Brown
♥ Nutella, nutella, nutella...

To make the shells, simply follow the basic macaron recipe from my macaron tutorial. The base is always the same and flavour is all in the filling! 

When the shells are totally cool, it's Nutella time! The trick is to try and fill as many macarons as possible without accidentally eating the jarful. Simply twist the two halves together to make a full macaron - rather than pushing down with a risk of breaking the shell.

Ta daaa!

What are your favourite macaron (or macaroon) recipes? Or even your best loved Nutella recipes?


  1. These look so delicious! I've never made macarons, and I've only ever tried them once at a cafe in Covent Garden a few years ago but they were so nice. I have a jar of nutella on my desk at work which is handy right now because after reading this post I have cravings!

    N xo


    1. Thank you! Oh my gosh I need a jar of Nutella at my desk xx

  2. These look amazing, I'm not a huge fan of macaron, but it's usually because they're all floral and stuff... But I think I could eat these :) I love the silicon baking trays you're using, where did you get them from?
    MissPond | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Glad you liked :) This was free with a baking magazine. I wonder if ebay have any? They're so handy! X

  3. These look so good! I've only really just discovered nutella (I know, I know....) so I'll definitely need to give these a go as I currently have no idea what to do with the enormous jar I bought :') x

    1. Macarons! Yes! Or... you could just sit watching Netflix with a ladel?

  4. These look so yummy! I literally love Nutella so thank you for this recipe. Means I can stop eating it straight from the jar now and actually make it into something!!

  5. This recipe for Nutella macarons is a delicious, gluten-free treat that pairs classic macarons with the decadence of Nutella. The recipe includes cocoa powder and ground almonds, and the filling is a key factor in flavor variation. The twist-and-assemble technique ensures the delicate shells don't break. emergency protective order