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big fish salmon review & recipes.

I'm a huge, huge seafood fan. Eating at least 4-5 portions of fish a week, I'm always looking for new flavours and recipes for salmon, trout, haddock, tuna and seabass. Mostly I tend to eat salmon, for which I'll buy a whole side, slice up into portions and pop in the freezer. With ice as nature's preservative, I'd like to think this is the most purse and eco friendly way to enjoy fish without wasting food or money. Enter: Big Fish Brand. With heritage dating back almost 100 years ago in the seaside town of Grimsby, I was delighted when I was invited to review their latest products and flavours.

Still based in Grimsby, today you can find an assortment of Big Fish Brand products from their websites as well as a variety of stockists, farm shops and delis across the UK. The responsibly sourced Atlantic salmon is marinated and then naturally frozen - so you can choose to defrost and grill or keep in the pack for poaching. You can also microwave in a matter of minutes. However for a fair test, and since it was a simple and light way of cooking, I gently poached each packet for 15 minutes.

First are the Garden Mint and Sweet Chilli marinades. I matched the garden mint flavour with simple crushed mustard potatoes, buttered green peas and tenderstem broccoli. It worked really well and I think could be a lighter way to enjoy a Sunday lunch - I would have never expected a cooling mint flavour to go so well with fish.

The sweet chilli made sense to go with noodles and crunchy veg, pak choi and coriander. As you can see the pouches lock in the flavour as they cook - as well as being in easy to use portions for when you're cooking for 1, 2, 3 or a whole family.

Next up - the Barbecue Sauce and Eastern Thai ensembles. 

The BBQ salmon was, like the mint, something I didn't expect to work so well. It was actually delicious and was the most saucy of the flavours I tried. We had it with homemade coleslaw, sweet potato chips and lime, pea and coriander cous cous which was perfect for a sunny evening meal.

The Eastern Thai flavour was zingy, spicy and slightly creamy like you'd expect from a red Thai curry. Spice with cayenne pepper, cumin, ginger and paprika, there's no surprise this yummy combination won a Great Taste Award in 2014. 

Finally, we also tried the Lemon Pepper and Piri Piri marinades.

In style true to that of the popular chicken restaurant, we teamed the piri piri with grilled halloumi, red chilli cous cous and a jacket sweet potato. A rather orange looking dinner, but I assure you it was a delicious inspiration for other flavours that work well with salmon.

Last up is the lemon and pepper flavour, which I had with lemon and herb cous cous, broccoli, red pepper and watercress. As you can see, the salmon just flaked away as I sliced the back of my fork into it - really soft and tender.

The marinated salmon pouches are a simple way to get a fresh and healthy meal - just have them waiting in the freezer ready to pair with your favourite veggies and accompaniments. Hopefully my recipe suggestions have inspired you as to what you'd have with each flavour!

They come in at £5.89 for two generous fillets or £9.95 for a pack of four. It's also worth checking the website for ingredients too, as some flavours contain a small amount of wheat or milk. Mostly though, its 95% pure Atlantic salmon.

I think my favourite flavour was the versatile and zesty lemon pepper, whilst my boyfriend really enjoyed the kick of the sweet chilli. The most flavoursome was definitely the BBQ, whilst my least favourite was probably the piri piri as it had more heat than flavour. I guess that's the point of piri piri though...

If you liked the sound of those, you might also like my pesto salmon and kale wholemeal spaghetti recipe.

What would your favourite be? Do you freeze salmon to enjoy throughout the week?

Find out more at bigfishbrand.co.uk 

Note: I was sent a complimentary selection of Big Fish Brand products. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. My favourite would probably be the sweet chilli!
    I usually mix sweet chilli with soya sauce, pour over salmon and pay fry. SO good with steamed rice =)


  2. These look delicious, I usually make sweet chilli salmon at home so it'd be great to try out some of their other flavours, especially the Piri Piri :)