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homemade mushroom ravioli with a creamy red wine sauce.

Homemade Mushroom Ravioli
Mushroom Ravioli Red Wine Sauce

A light mushroom ravioli recipe, infused with tarragon and topped with a creamy, red wine sauce. When I make homemade ravioli, I love to play with pairing the flavours of the filling and the sauce. So when Yapp Brothers wines challenged me to create a dish to complement one of their wines, of which they picked to suit my tastebuds, I knew I'd want to add a touch of their Merlot into both elements. 

As far as reds go, I love a fruity Merlot or Malbec with a medium flavour. Yapp's wine choice for me was perfect, CĂ´tes de Gascogne: Domaine Millet Merlot 2012, with a fruity appeal of mulberry and plum. According to the tasting notes, it would go well with a curry, steak frites or saucisse de Toulouse. 

However, I really wanted to try a pasta dish with rich, verging on meaty, mushrooms doused in red wine and harmonised with tarragon, garlic and cream. Of course, topped with lots of cracked black pepper, sea salt and grated fresh parmesan. This ravioli is on the large side, and possibly could be referred to as "ravioloni" which would make for a great starter or piled up as a main.

Shopping list.
For the pasta (Makes 10 raviolini)
♥ One large free range egg
♥ 100g "00" grade pasta flour
♥ A dash of olive oil
♥ A pinch of salt
♥ Semolina or polenta, to prevent sticking

For the filling
♥ 250g button mushrooms
♥ A knob of butter
♥ 2 tsp dried tarragon
♥ Splash of Merlot
♥ 10ml double cream
♥ Salt and pepper to taste

For the sauce
♥ 20ml red wine
♥ One garlic clove, crushed
♥ 1 tsp dried tarragon
♥ A dried bay leaf
♥ 50ml double cream
♥ Salt and pepper
♥ Parmesan to serve (omit for vegetarian)

Equipment; pasta machine, rolling pin, large heavy based saucepan, circle cutter, food processor or stick. Mixer with dough hook desired but not essential.

Step one. Roughly chop the mushrooms. Add to a frying pan with a knob of butter and tarragon. Cook through for 5 minutes on a low heat.

Step two. Add in a splash of red wine and continue to simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Step three. Remove the mushrooms, except a couple nice looking ones for later. Set aside the pan and leave the mushroom "jus" too.

Step four. Create the mushroom filling by whizzing up the mushrooms into a paste - apologies not my finest photograph. Add a little cream and seasoning. Set aside in the fridge whilst you make the pasta.

Step five. For a more detailed description, follow my basic homemade pasta recipe. I have started to add in a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil for richness too.

From this, create circular shapes with a cutter. I use all sorts for my cutters - sometimes jar lids, jelly moulds, tart tins... the lot! For this, it was the base of a tall smoothie jug, which was around 2-3 inches diameter.

Step six. Lay each ravioli onto a semolina dusted surface whilst you make the red wine sauce. Boil a kettle ready to cook the pasta.

Step seven. Remember that saucepan with mushroom sauce in it? Well you need that now! Turn on a low heat and add in the red wine, tarragon, crushed garlic and bay leaf.

Stop check: Your sauce should be simmering away and will only take a few minutes. Pour the boiling water into a large pan and add a pinch of salt. Have your pasta at the ready.

Step eight. Boil your pasta for 2-3 minutes until they rise to the top. Add cream to your sauce and cook through for 60 seconds, stirring as it warms up.

Step nine. Remove your ravioli with a slotted spoon. Pour over the sauce and serve with tarragon (sorry, I love it with mushroom dishes), seasoning and grated Parmesan or Pecorino. Remember not all hard Italian cheeses are vegetarian so make sure it is if you're serving to veggies!

Have you ever tried making ravioli at home? What would you pair with your favourite wine?

I'm entering this recipe into the Yapp Brothers Drinks on Us food blogger challenge. Wish me luck!

Note: I was sent a bottle of complimentary wine to take part in the challenge, at my discretion. All recipe, photographs and opinions are my own. 


  1. Wow these sound so tasty. I haven't ever made my own pasta. It is something I'd like to try (when my body behaves itself for long enough!). This dish should definitely win the competition! Sammie http://www.feastingisfun.com

  2. Oh the mushroom ravioli sounds lovely - it looks like I could easily make it dairy free too. Good luck with the challenge

    1. Thanks Penny. I'm sure you could super easily too! x

  3. Oooh this looks rather decadent. I love mushrooms and wine!! Sadly I can't eat pasta but maybe I will have to find another way!

    1. Thanks Ceri :) Glad you like and sad you can't try it

  4. I would love to get more adept at making my own pasta, yours looks so elegant and thin layers - mine was quite clumpy when I did it!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Getting more confident at going down to those level 8/9s on the machine - eek! x

  5. These look tasty! I don't have a pasta machine, but made ravioli once - rolling the dough was hard work! I made crab raviouli in vodka and tomato sauce and it was really tasty, but would need to get a machine to try again.

    1. Thank you! Hard work but I find it really therapeutic when I have the time x

  6. These look tasty! I don't have a pasta machine, but made ravioli once - rolling the dough was hard work! I made crab raviouli in vodka and tomato sauce and it was really tasty, but would need to get a machine to try again.

  7. Wow perfect ravioli and that sauce looks so tasty, nice job Emily.

  8. THese sound delicious, I've never made pasta, maybe I should give it go as pasta is one of my favourite meals

  9. We have a new pasta machine, and this looks delicious! We'll have to try this, you've inspired me!