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24 glorious gluten free recipes.

Today marks National Coeliac Awareness Day - September 13th. With so many fantastic bakes, sweet treats and delicious dishes from fellow food bloggers, I thought it was about time I put together a round up of gluten free recipes. I have a few friends and family who live with coeliac disease, and am always keen to see restaurants putting alternatives on their menu too. 

It was also great that GBBO did a free from episode this year, which raised awareness of sugar free, dairy free and wheat free baking. So from desserts and cakes right through to pizzas and muffins - here are 24 sweet and savoury gluten free recipes to enjoy!

1) Easy Cauliflower Pizza - Recipes & Reviews

2) Polenta Crostini with Jamon, Ricotta and Rocket - The Petite Cook

3) Banana Cocoa and Honey Muffins - The Petite Cook

4) Gluten Free Scones - Lancashire Food

5) Tahini Almond Cookies - Natural Kitchen Adventures

6) Nutella Roulade - Penne For Your Thoughts

7) Buckwheat and Chia Seed Chocolate Chip Cookies - Franglais Kitchen

8) Chocolate and Chestnut Torte - Franglais Kitchen

9) Raw Chocolate Fudge Squares - Rough Measures

10) Fig and Blackberry Gluten Free Crumble - Franglais Kitchen

11) Avocado & Bacon in a Courgette ‘Muffin’ - Natural Kitchen Adventures

12) Flourless Almond Butter Cupcakes - Family Friends Food

13) Gluten Free Pop Tarts - Family Friends Food

14) Custard Creams - Tin & Thyme

15) Chocolate and Pear Torte - Lancashire Food

16) Ultimate Gluten Free Chocolate Cake - Super Golden Bakes

17) Chickpea Flour Pizza - Nadia's Healthy Kitchen

18) Custard Creams - Tin & Thyme

19) Gluten Free Coconut Rice Pudding - The Crafty Larder

20) Gluten Free Millionaire's Shortbread - Recipes & Reviews

21) Almond & Coffee Cake - Sophie Loves Food

22) Gluten Free Raspberry & Chocolate Cake - Sew White

23) Easy Watermelon Cupcakes - Eats Amazing

24)Galaxy Popping Candy Brownies - Recipes & Reviews

Any of those take your fancy? Just goes to show that a gluten free lifestyle doesn't have to be a cake-less one. Some of the recipes of my own, although others have been kindly donated by some fantastic food bloggers.

Have you ever baked a gluten free cake? Do you have a favourite bake which happens to be gluten free too?


  1. This is a great round up, Emily! Have you checked out www.spamellab.com? Her GF recipes are amazing x

  2. This is a great round up, Emily! Have you checked out www.spamellab.com? Her GF recipes are amazing x

  3. Thanks for including me Emily! Such a good round up of recipes, need to make some more GF bakes!x

  4. What a fabulous selection of gluten free recipes:-)

  5. What a great selection of GF recipes. I really like the sound of the cauliflower crust

  6. What a great roundup of recipes. No one needs to fear gluten free any more, with so many yummy recipes to try.

  7. Great round up of GF recipes. Your cauliflower pizza looks incredible.