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salmon, asparagus, tomato and basil risotto.

Salmon asparagus risotto recipe

An indulgent salmon recipe with an Italian twist, featuring tomatoes, wilted spinach, grilled asparagus and a hint of basil. This risotto is finished with a spoonful of cream cheese stirred through, giving it a light and summery flavour. Perfect for summery evenings when you still fancy some comfort food. And it goes towards your five a day too of course... 

Salmon asparagus tomato risotto recipe
Salmon asparagus basil risotto recipes

Shopping list.
(Serves two)
♥ One white onion, finely chopped
♥ 120g risotto rice
♥ 200ml vegetable stock
♥ Two garlic cloves, crushed or finely chopped
♥ Two salmon fillets
♥ 100g cherry tomatoes
♥ 100g asparagus
♥ 200g spinach, roughly chopped
♥ Handful of chopped basil
♥ 1 tbsp soft cheese
♥ Salt and pepper to taste

Step one. Begin by cooking the onion with a little oil or butter on a low heat. After ten minutes,add in the rice and lightly toast. After 1-2 minutes, add in a little stock.

Step two. Add in the garlic and continue to cook the risotto, adding stock as it soaks up.

Step three. Turn on your grill and cook the salmon fillets and asparagus for 12-15 minutes. 

Step four. Continue to cook the risotto, adding in the tomato, basil and spinach until wilted. The risotto is cooked when the rice has softened.

Step five. In the last moments, stir through the cream cheese, chunks of salmon and most of the asparagus cut into slices.

Step six. Season to taste and serve with a couple of asparagus spears and basil leaves on top. 

Ta da!

Have you ever made salmon risotto? Or added tomato and basil to a risotto recipe? 

Salmon asparagus basil risotto recipes UK
Salmon asparagus tomato basil risotto recipe


  1. Basil risotto is currently my favourite dish! I've had it twice last week! Beautiful recipe :)

  2. This looks delicious. I love that it's packed with veggies and that soft cheese must make it so lovely and creamy!

  3. Risotto doesn't usually appeal to me, but this looks absolutely delicious and the presentation is spot on :D