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brunch at victor café, marseille.

All foodies love brunch, it's just a known fact. So when on my travels I just can't resist looking up a good brunch. In France, or Marseille at least, it seems a lot of breakfast places don't open until 10am in the week and all you can eat brunch is served on Sundays. What was I going to do without poached eggs and smashed avocado every day? When I found Victor Café in the four star New Hotel Of Marseille, I couldn't wait to try the island buffets of cheese boards, breakfast items, fish of the day, unlimited drinks and that dessert table. For €33, the all you can eat Champagne brunch runs from 12:30 – 3:00 pm in the arty surroundings of the Victor Café and terrace.

Greeted by a glass of bubbly, Victor Café has a super modern theme with modern art dotted around the walls. It was unusual to wait until 12.30pm for brunch, however the name brunch seemed to reflect the mix of breakfast and lunch items rather than the time of day. For the price you can enjoyed a glass of the aforementioned bubbles, as well as endless red, white or rose wine, hot drinks and fresh fruit juices.

The tables spanned from crusty French baguette right through to fruit, salad items, delicate quiches and cheese plates. On the day there was also a chicken dish and seabass in tomato sauce.

I begun with a couple of slices of cheese along with granary bread and a flaky croissant. This went down really well with my chilled Champagne and views across Marseille.

Next I opted for some roast vegetables, tapenade and miniature vegetarian quiches. The salad and vegetable bar would be a dream for vegans, which I feel would be catered for well. In fact I think gluten free and vegetarian diets would definitely be able to make the most of the €33 price tag with the amount of choice. 

Next up was the seabass dish, with creamy mash potato and some vibrant tomatoes. The seafood was glorious in the South of France and this was no exception. You definitely would not guess that it was from a buffet style restaurant setting.

Last but not least, the incredible dessert table. I was sitting right beside it and couldn't wait to get my hands on that pistachio mousse.

As you can see, the table was laid up with mousses, tarts, cheesecake, coconut macaroons, brownies and cake slices galore. A sweet tooth dream!

With admittedly not much room left, I went for the white chocolate mousse and the pistachio mousse topped with a meringue kiss. Pistachio mousse is now my new favourite dessert and I can't wait to recreate it at home.

Overall, I thought the €33 price tag was totally worth it. I enjoyed a glass of fizz, two glasses of Provence wine and a mochaccino as well as all the courses above. Empty places were quickly cleared away between courses and water was topped up throughout. I stayed for around two hours, idly reading my book and moving freely between the buffet tables. It wasn't too busy, but I luckily got some snaps of the food before the other diners dug in. So, I would definitely recommend booking via their online form.

My only criticism is that it started at 12.30pm. because who wants to wait that long for bubbles and desserts?

Have you ever been to Victor Café? Or enjoyed brunch in Marseille or other parts of France?

71 bd Charles Livon
13007 Marseille