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tuna and king prawn spaghetti with artichoke and black olives.

A medley of tuna steak and king prawns in a garlicky, lemon dressing made with good quality olive oil. Lovers of salty dishes will enjoy the addition of black olives and sautéed artichoke hearts, which are tossed through angel hair spaghetti. Obviously any pasta will do, this is a good store cupboard recipe which you can add any fish or seafood on top. I love buying tuna steaks in bulk and freezing for a later date - the ideal way to indulge on a budget. Finish with a sprinkle of red chilli flakes for an extra kick, which I think goes perfectly with lemon and garlic.

Shopping list.
(Serves two)
♥ Two cloves of garlic, crushed
♥ 30g black olives, roughly chopped
♥ 400g tin of artichoke hearts in water, drained and chopped
♥ Knob of butter
♥ 100g angel hair spaghetti
♥ Two tuna steaks, seasoned with black pepper
♥ The juice of half a lemon, plus wedges to serve
♥ 100g king prawns, cooked
♥ 50ml extra virgin olive oil
♥ Chilli flakes, salt and pepper to season

Step one. Cook together the crushed garlic, black olives and artichoke hearts with a little butter on a low heat for 5-10 minutes.

Step two. Cook your chosen pasta according to packet instructions, which is usually around 10-12 minutes.

Step three. Heat up a saucepan and grill the tuna steak to your liking; I prefer around three minutes a side. 

Step three. Toss together the pasta with the artichokes, olives, prawns, lemon and olive oil. 

Step four. Serve the pasta immediately with the tuna steak on top, sprinkled with chilli flakes and a wedge of lemon. You can also slice up the tuna steak as below, if you so wish.

What are your favourite tuna steak recipes? Would you add artichoke hearts or black olives to a pasta dish?

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  1. Just come across your site and this Tuna recipe with Black olives sounds SCRUMPTIOUS.Will deffinatly try it ThanksđŸ€  Panchang