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tokyo to go from yo! sushi.

Ever fancied ditching the sushi belt and going al fresco with your favourite Japanese dishes? Perhaps gorging on gyoza in your very own home or getting your noodle fix in the office? For miso on the move and takeaway tempura, Yo! To Go is the answer. Get your most loved Yo! dishes (and a few brand new extras) to takeaway or be delivered to an eligible address. Complete with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger and chopsticks, of course. And hey presto... it's Tokyo To Go!

With both hot and cold dishes on the menu, including sashimi, mixed sushi platters and ramen, there was plenty to choose from at pretty reasonable prices. Think Spicy Seafood Udon Noodles (£5), Tofu Katsu Curry (£4.50), Ramen Noodle Salad (£3.55), Curry Beef Rice (£5) and a six piece Salmon & Tuna Maki Box (£5.50).

We went for a mix of hot and cold, with a couple of cold Japanese Hitachino Nest Saison beers and a dessert. On the picnic menu was; Yasai Yakisoba Noodles (£4), Chicken Teriyaki (£5) Salmon Chirashi (£4) and a Futari Platter (£12) of 4 california rolls, 4 YO! rolls, 4 salmon nigiri, 4 ebi prawn nigiri and 4 tuna nigiri. For dessert I choose a Matcha Roll (£4.45), billed as a green tea sponge swirled with fresh dairy cream and pops of adzuki beans.

Turning up about five minutes before the agreed order time, our chosen dishes were promptly ready with a smooth and friendly service. Everything was neatly packaged in Yo! branded boxes and platters, with recyclable materials and minimal waste. 

The sushi platter was extremely fresh and beautifully presented, with a good amount to feed one person or share as a side. I especially enjoyed the salmon and avocado roll, as well as the buttery salmon on the sticky rice nigri. My dining companion went for the teriyaki dish as well as the tangy yasai noodles. As a teriyaki first timer, the sticky and sweet sauce on chicken went down really well, as did the crunchy vegetables noodles with an extra kick. 

The chirashi was a new one for me; cold sushi rice pots with scatterings of toppings. I went for the sesame soy marinated salmon sashimi with kaiso seaweed, pickled cucumber, pickled ginger, crispy shallots, yuzu furikake seasoning on a bed of sticky sushi rice. With tuna, tofu and chicken also there to choose from, the idea is that you mix up the ingredients before eating the fresh and light salad. This would be perfect for a midday pick-me-up - all the best Japanese flavours with great textures too.

The savoury items, which were admittedly too much for two people, came to £25, with the extras making it just over £30. Of course for a working lunch you'd only really need the one £4-6 pot, but for an indulgent lunch in the park you can treat yourself to a bit extra. The matcha dessert was rather like a Japanese answer to the swiss roll, which had been drizzled with white chocolate and served with a strawberry. It was definitely a delicious addition to the end of the grub, but actually I think I'd rather have had more of that chirashi pot!

In all, I would definitely recommend Toyko To Go from Yo! for anything from a quick lunch idea to a leisurely afternoon in the sun. Since ordering and picking up was such a breeze, I wouldn't worry too much about waiting around and eating into my lunch break (unless literally). Let's just say, if I worked in the city centre, I think this could be pretty dangerous come 12pm.

Have you ever ordered Yo! Sushi to takeaway or get delivered? What are your favourite dishes? Oh and by the way, the delivery is largely run by Deliveroo. So if you're in the catchment for that, then you'll be delving into a piping hot katsu curry in no time.

In collaboration with Yo! Sushi


  1. How fantastic that they deliver! Yo Sushi looks so perfect for a picnic - I must try it!

  2. It all looks so good - I bet way better than a sushi lunch from tesco or m & s!

  3. I love sushi, eat it whenever I can - good thing I live in the middle of nowhere or I would want this for lunch everyday!!

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