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salmon kedgeree.

A super simple kedgeree recipe featuring salmon instead of the traditional smoked haddock. Introduced to Britain as a breakfast dish during the Victorian era, it's now popular as a brunch, lunch or addition to Champagne breakfast. I've used a loose kedgeree recipe to make a really speedy version that can be eaten at any time of day. It is also a pretty low fat and healthy dish packed with protein, as kedgeree recipes include milk. Enjoy!

Shopping list.
(Makes one)
♥ Salmon fillet
♥ Half a red pepper, sliced
♥ 70g basmati rice
♥ Two free range eggs
♥ 30g frozen peas
♥ 1 tsp ground turmeric
♥ 1 tsp curry powder
♥ A handful of fresh parsley, chopped
♥ A handful of fresh coriander, chopped
♥ Salt and pepper to taste

Step one. Place the salmon fillet and sliced red pepper under a grill, or in the over if you prefer, and grill (15 minutes on medium) or bake (20 minutes on 180).

Step two. Boil the rice according to packet instructions, which should take around 10-12 minutes.

Step three. Boil the eggs to your liking. I usually cook for around 6-7 minutes for a runny yolk.

Step four. In the last five minutes of the rice cooking, throw in the peas and continue to boil together.

Step five. Drain the rice and mix together with the salmon, peas, pepper and spices. Cook together until your eggs are ready.

Step six. Serve immediately with the boiled egg halved on top and scatterings of coriander and parsley.

Have you ever made or tried kedgeree? How about with salmon? I'd love to hear...


  1. Im a sucker for a good kedgeree, its a great old meal. I've tried it made so may different ways. This looks so yummy.


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