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bastide du cours, aix-en-provence.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the famous stretch of Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence, you'll find Bastide du Cours. A typical French brasserie in red and white, the Provençal restaurant claims to have been serving up creative but traditional dishes since 1807. The name bastide translates as a country maison or house, specifically in the southern region of Provence. On a sunny Saturday exploring Aix, I stopped by to dine al fresco for lunch. 

Although I sat outside, I ventured inside to discover a truly grand interior, with wrought iron details and marble pillars. Bastide du Cours is also a hotel, as well as bar terrace, restaurant and lounge. 

Whilst I enjoyed my cold glass of rose, which is incredible and light from the Provence region by the way, I was served complimentary tapenade and crusty herb bread. This was beautifully salty and delectable, actually proving to match with the slightly sweet wine really well.

And on to the main event. This post might as well be called "the best prawns I've had in my life." Which is no mean feat, I can assure you. The huge king prawns, which had been half de-shelled, had been grilled in garlic butter with St Jacques scallops and served with a saffron risotto and seafood bisque. And naturally, more French bread.

The winning dish, which was billed on the specials as Brochette de gambas et St. Jacques avec risotto safroné, came in at €20,90. The prawns were inviting and juicy, bursting with flavour and well seasoned. The risotto was a little on the heavy side but was so moreish that I finished the lot. The bisque was beautifully creamy and very slightly sweet and smoky.

Along with the wine, my bill came to the €26 mark and was worth every penny. I obviously can only speak for the prawns in this case, but the other diners' had some pretty impressive seafood heading to their tables too. Resulting in clear plates all round. If you're looking for a light Provençal lunch along a popular area of Aix with great views and atmosphere, this is your place. Be sure to venture to the nearby markets and get an Amorino ice cream for dessert.

Bastide Du Cours
45-47 Cours Mirabeau,
13100 Aix-en-Provence


  1. The gambas look ridiculously good! So big and juicy :) Bet they were super fresh too in Aix - lucky you! x

    Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

  2. Oh my gosh those prawns! The food from your trip all looks amazing/!