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cully & sully: the way we make it.

Is there anything more comforting than a bowl of quality soup on a chilly day? Wholesome, rich in nutrients and most of all... warms you up. Whether you're looking for Winter lunch inspo or a convenient way to comforting meals, Cully & Sully are a must try. The lovely lot sent me a few of their super soups to try, to show what additions can complement their range to personalise your ready-made meal.

Their soup range includes the likes of Creamy Tomato & Basil, Pea & Minty and Honey, Carrot & Coriander, as well as special guest soups in time with the seasons. At the moment they have  Squash'd Veggie and Herb Potato & Leek, especially for Autumn and Winter. Over on their website they show an array of garnishing ideas, such as frizzled leeks with the Potato and Leek, or chunky cheese croutons to go with their mighty Mushroom flavour.

I thought I'd give the Smoked Haddock & Salmon Chowder a whirl with added crusty brown bread and a simple addition of fresh parsley. It really brought out the smoked seafood flavours and wholesome potato. A really chunky soup that filled me up for a weekend lunch.

My boyfriend is totally obsessed with anything spicy. You name it, he's probably tried it with extra chilli. He added smoked chipotle chilli flakes and fresh red chillies to the Chicken & Vegetable Soup for that added kick. Needless to say, it went down well.

You only have to read the ingredients of the Cully & Sully range to see how much great quality, natural components make up their products. Each soup has a real medley of spices, herbs and additive-free flavourings that conjure up the tastiest of results.

It's no surprise the founders Cully and Sully are really passionate about food, right from their beginnings in an Irish kitchen in Cork. Their ethos is to make good, honest and tasty food, and I think they've pretty much nailed it.

Have you tried Cully & Sully soups? Or any other of their products?

In collaboration with Cully & Sully


  1. I was so, so, so impressed with these! The chicken soup was my favourite I think, have bought in again - so good for quick can't be bothered lunches.

  2. These soups look SO delicious! I wish I had one in my fridge tonight rather than having to cook...

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  3. I've not tried these. I am not a huge soup person, but it's always nice when you do feel in the mood for it.. especially in the colder months!

  4. I had read many excellent reviews about the chicken and vegetable soup so was really looking forward to trying it. But sadly, although it was rich and creamy, I found it bland and could taste neither the chicken or vegetables.

  5. I love these soups but have a terrible time getting the lid off. Any advice please?

  6. Love the salmon & haddock chowder but have a struggle to get lid off,is there knack to it

  7. According to the listed ingredients only 4%chicken hardly the so called Jewish mothers soup , seriously ???

  8. Bought the chicken and vegetable soup today after not buying for around 2 years, as I enjoyed it before.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat it. It was watery and tasteless. So disappointed 😔
    Will not be buying again.