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calling all chocoholics: a taste of chocolate heaven at thorntons café.

Warning: this post is very likely to induce a craving for chocolate. In particular, the delicious taste of a traditional Thorntons chocolate box. I hope you're ready, because I want to treat myself to my favourite cappuccino bar every time I look through these photographs.

Derbyshire locals may have noticed that their beloved Thorntons Café in the Derby Intu Centre has been undergoing a transformation in the last few months. Beyond the closed doors, a magical makeover has been happening. A lick of paint here, new luxury seating there and a whole new menu later, and the Thorntons has finally opened its doors to uncover the sparkle beneath.

With rows of hand finished chocolate and beautifully crafted cakes, the new Thorntons is a sight to behold. Beautiful copper detailing and clever lighting has really opened up the place, and I think the locals will love it.

It's a totally new concept store and the first of its kind in the UK - so I was pretty honoured to go along and help with the launch. I was on the milkshake and sundae stand (oh yes!) helping to serve up their bespoke drinks and desserts. (And get that crucial Insta-snap, of course). You can check out the delicious pics over on the hashtag #PassTheLoveOn or over on their Instagram @thorntonschocs.

On the day, there were two sundaes and two milkshakes to try; all of which were loaded up with mouthwatering ingredients, inspired by the classic Continental chocolate box.

Hazelnut Slice Ice Cream Sundae - £4
Thorntons vanilla and chocolate ice cream with Thorntons Hazelnut Slice chocolates, hazelnuts, hazelnut paste, chocolate chips, whipped cream and a drizzle of Thorntons melted chocolate. 

Milano Ice Cream Sundae - £4
Thorntons vanilla and chocolate ice cream, combined with Thorntons Milano Chocolates, Thorntons Fudge Cubes, chocolate vermicelli, freshly whipped cream and a drizzle of Thorntons melted chocolate. 

Alpini Shake - £4.50
Thorntons Alpini Chocolates, chocolate ice cream and hazelnut paste. Finished off with fresh whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts, Thorntons Alpini Chocolate and Thorntons milk chocolate. 

Sicilian Mousse Shake - £4.50
Zesty Continental Sicilian Mousse chocolates, Thorntons vanilla ice cream and lemon curd, finished with whipped cream and a lemon drizzle.

Well, I did warn you it might make you hungry...

Got to get that perfect 'gram! I tried the Alpine shake and one of their classic hot chocolates. After extensive research, I can confirm they were both delicious.

As well as the freak shakes and decadent desserts, the table service café is also serving up breakfasts, coffees and indulgent hot chocolate. You can also get the usual chocolate offerings, as well as a personalised icing service and gift wrapping.

Have you been to the new Derby Thorntons Café yet? Did you try a dessert or milkshake? I definitely need to go back and try that almond chocolate bark.

In the meantime, I'll just be over here researching how to get a copper tap in my kitchen that continuously pours out pure chocolate...

Discover more at Thorntons Café, Level 1, Derby, DE1 2PL. Telephone contact: 01332 295 767

In collaboration with Thorntons. Thanks to Thorntons for some of the photography.


  1. Thorntons café is serving the best chocolates I think. The presentation is heavenly. The display of chocolate is so yummy you just feel like grabbing. Thank you for the post.