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spreading festive cheer with wayfair: my christmas traditions.

I love a good festive tradition! Especially when food is involved. One of my favourite things to do is buy a foodie related Christmas bauble for myself, for example. So far I have a rather cute gingerbread man, a sparkly popcorn box and am eyeing up a glittery avocado for 2017. This season I've teamed up with Wayfair to share my favourite things to do each festive season, with a few of their gorgeous homeware pieces features throughout the post.

One thing I have done for a few years without fail is make the family breakfast. From kedgeree to smoked salmon and classic bacon sarnies (ketchup or brown sauce at your request), I love taking on the role of chef to make everyone's breakfast related dreams come true. One of my favourites are the seriously simple lazy baked eggs. A lazy eggs recipe I shared a while back has fast become a family fave. What's more, you can make 12 at once so it's a real time saver (as well as a crowdpleaser) too. Here's how you make them...

First thing's first - kettle on! This sumptuous pom pom throw (currently £22.61) and elegant metal tray (£16.00) make me want to have breakfast in bed, every day. The heart wreath is super cute too - I can't wait to put it up above my fireplace so look out for that predictable snap over on my Insta!

Shopping list.
Makes twelve, serves six
♥ Low calorie cooking spray
♥ Twelve slices of good quality ham
♥ Four tomatoes - slice into twelve
♥ Your favourite cheese - these mozzarella discs are really handy but have also used Red Leicester and blue cheese
♥ 100g spinach, wilted and drained
♥ Twelve free range eggs
♥ A muffin/cupcake tin
♥ Black pepper to season

You can also really easily switch out the spinach or tomatoes for the likes of chopped mushrooms or cooked bacon pieces.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees c.  

Step one. Spray the muffin tin with the low calorie spray.

Step two. Place your ham in the tray like you would with cupcake cakes.

Step three. Add your ingredients such as spinach, tomatoes and cheese.

Step four. Crack your egg into a ramekin first. Then just add the yolk to the tin. You can always then add the egg white afterwards. This avoids spillage and overfilling.

Baked for 18-20 minutes until the white is cooked. Serve immediately!

How lovely is this tray by the way? Also Wayfair and comes in a few sizes!

My mum and I love to do a few crafty things too - something she is annoyingly good at. From origami Christmas cards to handmade wreaths, each year she takes on the challenge of teaching me a new crafty skill. It usually ends up in an excuse to go for festive afternoon tea or make some mince pies, naturally.

Bailey the dog approves!

In collaboration with Wayfair

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