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have a very foodie christmas with harrods.

Harrods Christmas hamper
Christmas hamper review

If there's ever a time to get excited about food, Christmas is the one. Festive recipes, foodie gift guides and Christmas dinner planning tips are all over our favourite editorials, and I'm into it. Now that my November birthday is out of the way (a belated present is fine with me by the way), I'm ready to embrace all things festive. 

So as you can imagine, I couldn't wait for the arrival of this Harrods hamper. Or better yet, to share it with you. It was a delight to photograph with all my festive props, so I can only imagine how this luxury haul will taste. I was kindly sent The Food Halls Collection (£125) which couldn't have been a better fit. Buttery biscuits, beautifully crafted chutneys to go with your cheeseboard and red, red wine symbolise all that is Christmas for me. So now I've said the C word (three times), I guess that means it's actually happening.

Christmas hamper wine
Christmas hamper UK

The hamper itself is beautifully in its own right. The well-known Harrods logo sketched out in black and gold already makes you feel like something special is about to happen.

Harrods hampers

Inside, there's a hand-picked selection of the finest goods straight from the shelves of the Harrods Food Hall.

Christmas hamper Harrods

What's in the hamper?

 Poppyseed and Parmesan Mini Oat Biscuits
 Devon Ale Fruit Chutney
 English Mustard
Dark Marmalade
Spiced Rhubarb Oat Biscuits
Lemon Curd and Almond Biscuits
Strawberry, Pepper and Vanilla Jam
Ground Colombian Coffee
Harrods English Breakfast Tea No 14 Silken tea bags
Harrods New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Harrods Claret
Wooden Wine Waiter

Harrods Food Hall
Harrods Food Hall Christmas hamper

Having so far tried the biscuits, I can confirm they were both buttery and delicious. I'm saving the condiments for Christmas Eve and Day, where we will have an indulgent family breakfast. As they only last a few weeks, I didn't want them to go to waste. The silk teabags and ground coffee are particularly special, with the English Breakfast as a treat to go with scones and the Strawberry, Pepper and Vanilla Jam. 

It really is the perfect festive hamper to see you through cheese boards, lazy festive mornings and cosy nights in with a cuppa.

Have you ever treated yourself or the family to a Christmas hamper? What festive treats have you got your eye on?

In collaboration with Harrods

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  1. This looks like a stunning gift - I'd be so chuffed to have this under the tree at Christmas!

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