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dishoom bombay breakfast, covent garden, london.

a full breakfast menu with an indian twist; an unlikely combination. could it work? i ordered a chocolate chai whilst i perused the likes of bacon naan rolls, breakfast lassi, fire toast and akuri which is spicy scrambled eggs. decisions decisions! there are even bloody marys for those who are feeling a little delicate. i'd been to dishoom and experienced their dinner menu before so they had a lot to live up to...

the chocolate chai was, as you'd expect, a mixture of house chai tea and dark chocolate - luxurious and infused with spice. the only thing is i did need caffeine quite badly that morning. request for chai mocha please? :)

so since i couldn't decide i went for bombay omelette and sausage naan roll - hoping the naan would be sort of like a side. it wasn't - so i was pleasantly stuffed by the end! the bombay omelette consisted of "a crazy-paving omelette of chopped tomato, onion, coriander and green chilli served with tomatoes grilled on the vine and fire toast". 

the omelette was delicately seasoned, the tomatoes perfectly grilled and the sauce was like a spicy tomato dip. the fire toast was tasty but a bit too much for me as i'd also ordered the naan! silly emily! though not bad for £5.90 hey?

so this sausage naan roll, the legendary sausage naan roll. i couldn't not get it, right? this was british cumberland sausage with chilli tomato jam which was nicely offset by cream cheese. i'd been naughty and hadn't actually properly read the description so this was a tasty surprise :)

my boyfriend had the full bombay breakfast... "abundant akuri, char-striped back bacon fresh off the flames, cumberland sausage, fire toast and tomatoes grilled on the vine." wowsers it looked and smelt so good. the scrambled egg was a bit spicy for me but if you've read any other of my reviews you'll know i'm always going on about how i'm a spice wimp. what i can say is that chilli jam went with everything. i need a supply up here in leicester!

the bill came to around £20 - how reasonable is that? off we went, full of breakfast, for a wander around the british musuem. i'm also now wishing i'd smuggled away one of their charming plates.

dishoom covent garden serves breakfast from 8am-11am on weekdays and 9am - midday on weekends. 

have you ever been to dishoom? what's your favourite place for breakfast? 

read my review of dishoom and their dinner menu here :)

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  1. Sounds delicious - Indian for breakfast - what could be better than that?

    1. Yeah it really worked! I'm going to try and recreate the sausage naan I think :)

  2. The sausage roll naan looks really delicious. Too bad I'm not a savoury breakfast person, and they apparently don't serve it for lunch...I'm sure it's worth more than one try! :)


    1. Definitely worth a go! Failing that - their lunch and evening menu is gorgeous too! :)

  3. "British" Cumberland sausage? Hmmmm... Cumbria/Cumberland is in ENGLAND, it's English! (we're a bit proud about our identity).