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elderflower and kiwi daiquiri.

it seems summer is finally upon us... dusting off that barbecue, queuing at ice cream vans, strawberries and cream and fruity cocktails. so i thought i'd try out a little something. here i present you... a refreshing elderflower and kiwi daiquiri. 

my housemate made a gorgeous cocktail the other weekend made up of bottle green elderflower cordial, gin and lemonade so i thought i'd experiment with the bottle green sparkling elderflower i was recently sent. i realise daiquiris aren't strictly fizzy but the kiwi fruit accidentally gave the drink a texture similar to a strawberry daiquri :) i also used rum as a base ingredient but you can of course make a virgin adaptation sans rum. 

so how do you concoct one... or two?

shopping list
(makes two cocktails)
bottle green sparkling elderflower drink
♥ two kiwis
♥ a heaped teaspoon of soft brown sugar
♥ white rum

begin by peeling and chopping the kiwis and whizzing them up in a blender.

add the sugar to the blended kiwi and continue to blend it up. 
tip: roughly one kiwi and half a teaspoon of sugar is a portion for one cocktail :)

add the kiwi mix to the bottom of your chosen glass, followed by one or two shot measurements of the white rum. give it a little stir.

slowly top up with the sparkling elderflower - i got a bit excited when the drink got a proper head with all the kiwi seeds in... yum!

i've got the rest of the bottle waiting to try out a few more of these this weekend! :) 

do you like the sound of elderflower and lime together? i thought about pairing it with strawberries or peaches too - or do you think sharp flavours like raspberry or pineapple would work? if you have any elderflower cocktail recipes do let me know - i've always wanted to have a go at making my own elderflower wine.


  1. I look forward to trying this on a hot summer's day. It sounds like a drink I would enjoy.

  2. I look forward to trying this on a hot summer's day. It sounds like a drink I would enjoy.