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gousto food box review.

lately i seem to be discovering lots of foodie delivery boxes - a brilliant idea for busy families, working couples, a one off treat for a bbq and beyond. but which one to choose? the way gousto works is you firstly select the size which suits your lifestyle, then pick the recipes you like the look of from their weekly list. the box was packed with special ice packs which kept the food cool even in my back garden whilst i was at work (i would've been so sad if a leicester fox ran away with my goodies!) and i loved how some of the ingredients had a little pun on the packet... thyme to cook!

packed with local, organic and seasonal ingredients, it was impossible to decide which two of the meals to pick. i tried to go with more challenging recipes which ingredients or combinations that i'd not tried before. so i should say that there were clear time scales on each description and i probably went with the recipes with lots of prep which took around 30-45 minutes - there are quicker ones! :)

the dishes i chose were thai beef chilli and lime wraps and garlic chicken with creamy kohlrabi mash.

here are the ingredients for the thai beef wraps which i tried first :) i gotta say i was a little scared of chopping the chilli eeeek!

i begun by marinating the minced steak. you could tell it was such high quality beef and smelt amazingly fresh.

on went the noodles. i make noodles dishes quite a lot but got to say not used these before. they were really glutenous and i feel like i may have overcooked them a tad if i'm honest.

chop the ingredients and crush them peanuts. good for getting your anger out after a tough day!

bring together with the beef in a wok or pan. i have to say i had no idea how much chilli to put in as it just said to taste which i find very difficult to judge - it would be really good if they gave a little advice on how much is too much i think.

prepare the salad like so! i really liked the carrot like this - would be a fun job for a little kid to do i think. i've done it in salads since to accompany asian dishes as i think it looks really pretty.

arrange the noodles in the lettuce leaf.

spoon in the beef ingredients... sprinkle on the salad and peanuts...

mmm i seriously loved the flavours on this one and certainly will be making it again! i know this is blastphemy to meat lovers and those at gousto who provided such lovely beef - but i'd be tempted to make it with quorn for a super healthy carbless lunch with lots of veg!

the second dish... garlic chicken and creamy kohlrabi mash. 

gosh i'd never seen a kohlrabi before let alone cooked with one so this could be interesting.

this is a dish of three parts - the roasting whole garlic bulb and slices potatoes, the kohlrabi mash on the go and the chicken thighs in thyme. you begin by putting the garlic and potatoes in the oven. wow a whole garlic bulb - be warned vampires!

next is the chicken - coated in flour and paprika and cooked with the thyme sprigs.

then there is the sliced kolhrabi which later has cream and the remaining thyme added. i don't think i cut it thin enough as it was a struggle to mash later - learning curve i guess!

last to be cooked is the garlic - which comes together to make a paste. this was so so fun and tasted really sweet and rich. probably my favourite bit actually!!

so then you combine the ingredients to form a french inspired dish nothing like anything i've ever tried before. 

i have to say i'm not giving up my asian and mediterranean dishes up any time soon i'm afraid - although my boyfriend loved the second dish the thai beef won for me hands down.

so what do you think? would you try one? i think they'd be great for a busy couple who wanted to try out new recipe ideas as they gave me some real inspiration. i do love food boxes because they're so good at just giving you what you need within a date that you'd definitely use it. love food, hate waste!

find out more at gousto.co.uk :)

note: gousto were kind enough to send me a two meal box to try - i was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own. thanks again gousto!


  1. Food boxes are really good for solving the what-to-eat dilemna after work - also love that they are in exact portions so there's no waste! Those Gousto recipes sound really tasty, might have to give their boxes a try :)

    1. Only just saw this comment! :) Yeah they're really handy - I've made the lettuce wraps recipe a few times since including with Quorn to make it extra healthy x