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poppa wan's show-stopping twice-cooked melting pork: a recipe in pictures.

eek when i was bought the gok cooks chinese book i felt like a little kid getting a new toy! i sat up reading through all the recipes and looking at all the delicious pictures not knowing what to make first; hoisin duck and pancakes, sesame prawns, the amazing sounding oriental salads, dim sum... then i saw this melting pork dish and knew from the name alone that i had to try it out. i'd ordered some meat from field and flower for that weekend and hadn't decided what to make with the rolled and boned pork belly yet.

so since i don't want to give away too much about the wan's family secrets, here is a recipe in pictures of poppa wan's show-stopping twice-cooked melting pork along with sesame carrot salad adapted from the book.

you begin by creating the gorgeous stock to slow cook the pork in. this was a fragrant medley of ginger, garlic, shaoxing wine, star anise and spring onions. you then top up with water to cover the pork :)

you bring to the boil and then simmer on low for 2-3 hours - turning whilst the pork absorbs the juices. the house smelt ah-mazing!! 

prepare the honey and soy sauce glaze for the second cooking phase...

then glaze away! you then cook in the oven and tend to it by pour the glaze back over the pork every so often. now you're ready to make the salad while you wait.

prepare the carrot, cucumber and spring onion salad (in the book just carrot) slicing up the cucumber and carrot with a potato peeler.

toast sesame seeds in a wok for just a minute or two. i love how they pop about and smell fantastic.

you then make the dressing with toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar. toss together with the veg and voila! this light salad had a really tangy almost sour taste which worked with the sweetness of the pork. i was really pleased as gok explained in the book how this salad went well with this kind of meat dish.

now your pork should be near done. though the salad can be made a day ahead so don't worry too much about timing! take it out and rest on a chopping board...

slice up, serve and enjoy! i feel like these photographs don't even do it justice but this recipe is a must try. thanks poppa wan! oh and go and check out the fantastic field&flower too for their high quality produce from their somerset based farm.

have you got the gok cooks chinese recipe book? if so which recipe should i try next?


  1. Looks Mouth weteringly good. I want some!

    1. It was lovely! Really recommend the book already! x

  2. This looks so good! I love Gok and the fact that he is from my hometown of Leicester!

  3. It was so tasty :) Me too! Hadn't realised you were from there - I'm from Leicestershire but live in Leicester city now :) x