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yo! burger: rice, but not as you know it.

ahhh when i saw that yo! sushi were bringing out a limited edition yo! burger, so many questions went through my head. what flavours are there? would the rice "burger bun" be crunchy or springy? what are the sides like? and most importantly... what filling should i go for? a tough decision between the prawn and salmon, with other delicious sounding flavours including chicken, tofu and tilapia, i went for salmon :)

for £8, you get kimchi salmon on a bed of lettuce, topped with kimchi pickled vegetables and shredded nori served with either nori crackers or soya beans, daikon slaw and misochup. not bad for under 400 calories hey?

i love watching all the sushi chefs make all the japanese inspired delights. i couldn't help taking a cheeky picture of the woman making my burger - sorry yo! sushi leicester!

mmm! delicately cooked salmon and lots of flavoursome veg which tasted divine with the spicy mayo holding it together. the burger was an interesting texture as i'd imagined it being like a rice cake/cracker. instead it was chewy like sticky sushi rice with a toasted outer layer binding it together. very clever! i loved the oriental style slaw and my beloved soya beans - i wasn't too keen on the misochup as it was very gingery but i think some people would find it balanced the flavours out well.

fortunes exist among leftovers, no idea what it means but i like that :) i feel like it sounds like leaving food brings you good fortune? am i just being silly here?

i finished off with a a couple of my all time favourite yo! dishes. triple salmon overload i know! the burger did actually give me a contently full feeling but i just couldn't help myself! i had a salmon and avocado handroll, sometimes referred to as temaki or an inside out roll, and sesame seared salmon sashimi. are we noticing a trend here? :)

if i get to go again whilst they're still on the menu, i think i'm going to go for prawn with curry mayo and spring onions and maybe try the nori crackers too!

have you tried the new yo! burger or planning on going? what is your favourite sushi plate?

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