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easy cheese twists.

On account of the glorious weather we've been having (no doubt when I post this it'll start to rain...) I've been truly embracing picnic recipes. With my chorizo scotch eggs last week and a few others to come, I thought today I'd say this really super simple cheese twist recipe. I used smoky Applewood cheddar and a scattering of sesame seeds for extra texture - but really the combo is up to you!

Shopping list.
♥ Ready to roll puff pastry, at room temperature
♥ 50g of your favourite cheese
♥ One egg, beaten
♥ Sesame seeds
♥ Black pepper

Equipment; A cheese grater, a baking tray and pastry brush

Step one. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees c. 

Step two. Grate most of your cheese over one half of your puff pastry and fold over. Cut into strips.

Step three. Twist a few times and arrange on your baking sheet.

Step four. Glaze with an egg wash. Grate over the remaining cheese and scatter over sesame seeds. Finish with a few twists of black pepper.

Step five. Bake for 10-12 minutes until the pastry has slightly risen, cooked through and has turned a golden brown.

Told you they were easy! Because even Mary Berry admits she doesn't make her own puff pastry, right? There are so many cheese twist combinations you could go for too; perhaps something with a chilli kick, extra herbs, dash of mustard or Italian inspired?

Have you been for your first picnic of the year? What would be, or has been, in your picnic basket?


  1. I want to try this recipe. Looks easy enough after working all day but an elegant snack before dinner.

  2. They're so so easy :) Send me a piccie if you make some! xx

  3. I tried twists but the result wasn't that good. Your recipe sounds easy, will definitely try it this weekend. Keep sharing easy baking recipes for people like me who aren't good at :D

  4. Wow, your recipe is simply inspiring and fabulous. Can't wait to try this, easy and delicious recipe that kids will love. Thanks for sharing !