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the cheese market.

The Cheese Market
Cheese Delivery UK

What could be better than a cheese board and your favourite bottle of wine? Cheese direct to your door, that's what. Simple flick through the artisan cheese selections and accompaniments over on The Cheese Market and await your fromage by post. The lovely lot asked if I fancied trying some of their products. How could I resist?

Artisan Cheese

With the likes of cheese wedding cakes and gifts for cheesy lovers, I could spend hours looking through all the amazing dairy goodness, crackers, chutneys and pickles on the site. Wallace and Gromit would be in their element.

After much deliberation, I opted for the Wigmore, a brie style cheese produced by Anne Wigmore of Village Maid Dairy in Berkshire. Just as described, the ewe's milk cheese was semi soft with a mild but creamy flavour. It was extremely moreish to say the least, and was best served, like most cheeses, at room temperature for ultimate gooeyness.

The other two cheeses, which were a total surprise, were both blue. Picture first below, the organic Bath Blue was a more crumbly and salty taste whilst the Perl Las had a creamy and light flavour. Hailing from a Welsh Dairy in Dyfed, I'd never found a blue I liked as much. In my opinion it was like a Camembert texture versus Stilton strength. 

With so much to spare, we found they worked well with biscuits as a cheeseboard as well as in indulgent sarnies. The below was Bath Blue with Parma ham and sunflower bread. Delicious.

I was also kindly send some Godminster biscuits in the hamper, which won a Great Taste Award in 2013. The best way to describe them is a very chunky and savoury digestive biscuit, which was a very neutral base to go with most cheeses. Although very versatile and especially great with the creamier cheese, I personally found them to be a little too thick and would perfect a cracker myself. 

Overall I loved what The Cheese Market had to offer. Honestly that wasn't just because I had a load of free fromage to my door either, I'll definitely be back to buy a birthday hamper and oogle over the cheese knives. 

What cheese would you go for?

Note: I was sent complimentary products from The Cheese Market for my consideration. All opinions as always are honest and my own.


  1. OMG cheeeese! I want free cheese ;)
    We bought the Bath Blue (in Bath believe it or not!) and loved it. I'm a huge blue fan and the saltiness is great with a sweet chutney!

    1. Cheeeeeese! My boyfriend loved the bath blue with an ale as the sweetness and salty really worked x

  2. Cheese is one of my favourite foods. Ever. Oh and potatoes. So anything that combines the two is amazing for me.

    1. Oh yes cheese and carbs. Can't go wrong really xx

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  4. One of my favorite foods is cheese. At all. potatoes, too, of course. Therefore, I think anything that mixes the two is fantastic.