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Byron Burger

Byronissimo - the hamburger with an Italian accent. A medium rare 6oz Byron patty smothered in melting Fontina cheese, crispy pancetta, pickled red onion and a rich tomato gravy. This Italian take on one of my favourite burgers launched last week, and I couldn't wait to get my hands around one.

Byron Leicester

With the friendly welcome I've come to find is synonymous with Byron, I perched at a booth and ordered one of their lagers. I love light, citrusy lagers like Corona and Sol, and this was very similar. Served in an ice, ice, ice cold glass, their lager is made at Camden Town Brewery and comes in at 4.6% vol. Seriously refreshing.

I ordered my usual Tortilla Chips with Guacamole and Tomato Salsa (£3.75) whilst we waited - gorgeously fresh dips with great seasoning on the baked chips. There wasn't much point in looking at the menu, I knew what I was having.

To balance things out, my boyfriend went for one of their classic specials; a new part on the menu which sees the return of popular burgers. I present to you... the beast that is the B-Rex (£10.50). This mighty burger offers up a giant onion ring, streaky bacon, American cheese, jalapenos, pickles and bbq sauce. This was a really smoky combination for those that love all things spicy and American. As with all their burgers, it came medium rare. With their high quality Scottish beef this is perfectly safe and you can have it well done if you wish, but in my humble opinion you'd be a fool.

Drum roll please for the main event. Dripping with Italian cheese, with textures of crunchy pancetta, balsamic style onions and a tomato sauce reminiscent of some kind of awesome ragu - all I can say is Byronissimo! Come on now, just look at it. There's really not much more to say. I just really hope it comes back on the classic specials after May 25th.

On the side, we had Skin On Chips (£3.25) and Courgette Fries (£3.50). Whoever told me that the courgette fries went with the blue cheese dip - they were bang on. The blue cheese dip has a much smoother and creamier taste and texture than I expected. Very cheesy of course, but not too bitter or salty. Still favourite for me though were the skin on fries. It's like every chip is that last awesome golden crunchy one.

Having steered away for their amazing milkshakes (and hardshakes) this time, I finally had room to try their desserts. I went for White Chocolate Cheesecake (£4.95) whilst Sam tried the Caramel & Honeycomb Sundae (£4.95).

Safe to say if you love Crunchie, you'll be down with this dessert. Totally indulgent with lashings of caramel, vanilla bean ice cream and a moreish topping. Cheesecake isn't something I'd ever choose, but the premise of white chocolate won me over. A seriously luxurious topping with just the right portion to enjoy and offset of blueberries before the amazing white chocolate gets a bit much. (Who am I kidding, I'd totally eat the lot whilst watching back to back Sopranos).

Overall, I'm so pleased to see Leicester's Byron thriving just as much as my last visit. The staff couldn't be more happy to help and if I'm ever in the Highcross its genuinely somewhere I head to whether I'm reviewing or not. Great burgers, friendly service and fab flavours. Byronissimo!

The Byronissimo burger runs from April 14th to May 25th. May 25th will be a sad day. Can't wait to see what the top secret Summer burger will be!

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Note: My meal was complimentary. As always, my opinion is honest and my own.

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