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mexican pulled pork & stellar cookware review.

The pork was slow cooking, the sweet potato fries crisping up, avocados were at the ready and the fridge was stocked with Corona. It could only mean one thing... Mexican night! I doubt I needed an excuse for a Mexican inspired banquet, but if ever there was one then my new Stellar Tate metal casserole dish was it.

Kindly sent for me to review, I felt like I needed to put it to the test rather than boiling veg or making a soup. Which by the way it's totally brilliant for, especially with measurements clearly marked on the inside. As it can withstand up to 180 degrees c, cooks at an even temperature and has a flat lid, it's perfect for going in the oven on a low and slow heat whilst keeping in all the juices and goodness of meat and veg. So, hello 5 hour cooked pulled pork!

I've been fully impressed with the meat and seafood from Lidl lately, so thought I'd give their pork shoulder joint a go along with the Newman's Own Carolina rub. (You may recognise this friendly face from my Texas style beef brisket recipe!)

For this recipe you will need...

Shopping list.
For the pulled pork
(Serves 2, with leftovers!)
♥ 1.5kg pork shoulder joint
♥ 100ml cold water
♥ 85g of your chosen rub - although this is Mexican style the rub was South Carolina inspired
♥ A can of red kidney beans 

Equipment; An oven proof casserole dish with lid

For the extras
♥ One sweet potato
♥ Paprika to season
♥ Salt & pepper
♥ One ripe avocado
♥ One small red onion, chopped
♥ Handful of cherry tomatoes
♥ 1 tsp red chilli
♥ One lime

Step one. Coated the pork and save about 20g of the rub aside for later. Seal tightly with foil and put in your chosen casserole dish. Pour in 100ml water and place the lid on the dish. Put in the centre of the oven at 130 degrees and set your timer for five hours.

Step two. When you have around 1hr to go, start making your sweet potato fries by cutting up the potato, spreading on a tray and drizzling with olive oil, paprika, salt and black pepper. Bake for 45 minutes with the pulled pork. 

Step three. Then, when your pork is out and resting, whack up the heat to 220 degrees and crisp up the sweet potato chips on the top shelf for a further 5-10.

Step four. You will want to rest your pork in the foil for around 30 minutes. In this time, make your guacamole by whizzing up the avocado, tomatoes, chilli, onion and lime.

Stop check: By this time you should have your pork resting, sweet potatoes cooking and guac at the ready. (Make sure you're chilling them Coronas too!) When the sweet potato chips are done just simply turn off the oven and keep them warm inside.

Step five. Remove the foil and pull apart the pork, firstly with a knife and then with two forks. 

We really couldn't have faulted the dish for these superb, succulent slow cooked results.

Step six. Place the chunks back into the casserole dish with the juices, kidney beans and rest of the rub. Now was the time for the dish to shine for hob use too! Stir through and cook for 5-10 minutes until combined and piping hot.

Serve with the fries and guac. Sour cream and coriander optional. Appetite mandatory.

What would be in your perfect Mexican night? I know, I know I totally missed out the nachos but as if we'd have fit them in?

Note: I was sent a Stellar casserole dish for purposes of review. All opinions are my own.


  1. That looks gorgeous Emily - perfect for dining al fresco in the current sunshine too!

    1. Thank you! Ahhh I know what you mean I wish I had some brewing away ready for me after work tonight xx

  2. The end result looks incredible,! Thanks for the recipe, I would definitely like to make this over the weekend!

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