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tapas and cocktail class: rocket @ saltwater, nottingham.

Tapas? Cocktails? Fun with a group of lovely bloggers? This was a sure fire winning night. I went along to Rocket @ Saltwater at the top of Nottingham's Cornerhouse for a brilliant evening of cocktail making, tapas munching, photo snapping and general catching up with some of East Midlands' finest. 

Tapas Wednesdays doesn't need to illiterate to sound cool. At £4-£4.50 each, £12 for 3 or £15 with a drink, and such great portions and variety, there really is something for everyone. I'm not a great sharer (unless your food is better than mine) so just give me one of everything! Luckily, they'd put on a rather swanky spread which meant we could try the entire menu in its delicious entirety.

Just a taste of the Rocket @ Saltwater Tapas Wednesday menu...

Pitta bread
Garlic pizza bread
Tomato and garlic pizza bread

Fish & Seafood
Prawn twisters
Gambas al pil pil

Tuscan meatballs
Lamb kofta
Chorizo frito al vino

Patatas al la brava
Chargrilled halloumi
Courgette tempura

Crème brûlée
Warm chocolate brownie
Ice creams and sorbets

Hungry yet?

Easily my favourite were the courgette tempura, which came with a smooth and garlicky aioli. I wasn't afraid to go back for more of these. Other hits included the rich beef and port meatballs, filo prawn twisters and yummy chargrilled halloumi. 

Of course we couldn't leave without trying dessert. We all delved into the crème brûlée and warm chocolate brownie - armed with spoons and manners out of the window.

Next up was a casual cocktail lesson with the mixologist master! 

Yep I did manage to smash a margarita glass but somehow resisted going over the driving limit despite some amazing cocktails. I really need to try these at home!

Thanks to Rocket @ Saltwater for having us bloggers over and Tank PR some some fab pictures of the night. Cheers! *clink* See all the other shenanigans from the night over on the hashtag #BloggersAtRocket!

Have you ever been to Rocket? What tapas dish would you pick?

Oh and if you're from the big smoke, I hear there are London based Rocket restaurants too - yippee!


  1. I'm so sad I skipped breakfast now. This looks incredible!! Such a good deal too, with the 3 dishes for £12. I think I'd go for the calamari, chorizo and that courgette. Looks sooo good! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love Rocket @ Saltwater, we often go for drinks but have never had food there. I may have to change that now! Looks like a lovely evening :)

    Gemma x

    1. I'm the opposite - need to go for drinks now! :) Hope you like the food as much as I did! X

  3. Your posts always make me so hungry Emily! I've recently gotten back into Tapas (I had a bad experience at a chain years back, but this has been rectified by going to an independent recently). If I'm ever in Notts I'll be sure to check this place out! x
    MissPond | Manchester Based Lifestyle Blog

    1. Love tapas! Doing a tapas night this weekend so hopefully will inspire you :)!