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the white hart, loughborough.

The White Hart Loughborough
The White Hart Loughborough Review

A couple of sunny weekends ago, my food blogger pal Alex joined me for a Saturday lunch at The White Hart. One of her (many) locals, Gingey can take all the credit for this little gem. We enjoyed a selection of their tapas menu, whilst planning an exciting new foodie venture we're in the middle of. More on that soon! For now, I'll leave you with a selection of tiny treats which are soon becoming the trendy British answer to tapas. 

Yes this was a light lunch between two. What of it? All in the name of food blogging, you know. We sat in their lovely beer garden and ordered a mix of calamari, veggie chilli, garlic king prawns, grilled halloumi, asparagus, breads and olives. 

The White Hart has an ever changing deli board and prides itself on casual, social dining with great producers to boot. For this reason I couldn't tell you the exact prices of these dishes - but it was something like 3 for £10-12 with very unsparing portion sizes.

Being a seafood fiend, I was especially loving life with the calamari and juicy garlic prawns. The calamari was super peppery and one for those who love their calamari with a thick and crunchy outer. Some people might prefer the light and crispy rings - I can't decide! (Just give me both...) As you can see, the prawns were absolutely huge and the garlic butter sauce was perfect for bread dipping once the prawns had been gobbled up.

Warning: this chilli was pretty spicy! Packed with lovely veggies and presented with fun, shareable nachos, I cooled down my tingling tongue with the cool guacamole and sour cream. Phew! The halloumi chunks were especially squeaky and delicious, which are best served hot. In other words, get in there before anyone else nibbles them away.

In all it's a great place for a giggle with friends, catching up with pals over sharing boards and their local brews and cask ales. Or you don't have to share, that's cool too.

Have you ever been to The White Hart? What are your favourite dishes to share with friends?

27 churchgate
le11 1ud

Note: We paid for our meals and all that jazz.


  1. What a lovely lunch, right up my street. AND it is between the two of you. I was a student at Loughborough many years ago and have never been back. I'd love to come visit again and see how it's changed. I had quite a few foodie adventures of my own back then ;-)

    1. Definitely let Gingey and I know if you do! :)