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revolution, derby.

Revolution Derby
Revolution Derby Review

Radiant superfood salads, flavoursome pulled pork and warm baked cookies. This can't be Revolution, can it? With a fresh and fun menu with lots of colour, fresh additions and free from options, old Revs have revamped their grub offerings in a big way. I went along to the Derby restaurant for a catch up with an old school friend over a few of their famous vodka cocktails and a generous portion of the menu. 

Revolution Derby Desserts

Revolution Derby Restaurant Menu Review

The venue is cool and industrial, with pops of colour and greenery dotted about. We were sat by a brilliant airy window, which, as well as being good for food photography, was perfect for Summer dinner without missing the evening sun. It may not be everyone's port of call for dining, but you'd definitely enjoy a cocktail on one of their high stools. 

Oh yes, cocktails. Mine came in a soup can. An Andy Warhol soup can.

Pretty cool, hey? Don't worry no vegetable soup here. The Absolut Soup (£6.95) was a muddled medley of Absolut vodka, Teichenne Coconut schappes, apple juice and grapefuit. A little bit sour but mostly tropical and dangerously easy to drink. My friend Kate had the Hoochy Mama (£6.95). A refreshing mix of Beefeater gin, elderflower cordial and Hooch, of circa '96 fame.

To begin, we had the Crispy Goat's Cheese Bon Bons (£4.95) coated in chunky panko breadcrumbs and served with sweet Roquito peppers, and the Pulled Pork Nachos (£9.25) to share. 

These nachos were not to be scoffed at (but to be scoffed entirely) - fresh guacamole, falling apart pork, melted cheese and smoky pimento beans with evenly layered toppings. These were seriously good nachos. I can't stand when the elements aren't evenly distributed, they're lacking on the guacamole or sometimes having even melted the cheese. Sounds trivial, but nacho fans will be nodding in agreement. 

The goat's cheese bon bons were lovely pops of tangy flavour especially for the cheese fiends. I think a nice red pepper or onion dip would have gone with these really well, although they were nice enough without a sauce too.

Suitably fed but hungry for more, we had mains of the Smokin' Dog (£8.25) and the Crab Shack Mac 'n' Cheese (£9.25), along with a super green salad.

The Bockwurst sausage hot dog came with smoked cheddar, fire pit beans, BBQ fried onions, smokinnaise and fries, was a liberal portion which was equally as hard to finish as it was tasty. Hot dogs are getting to be a serious trend lately (see ya later, burgers!) and I think these are big contenders for a chain.

Hello ooey, gooey, stretchy, stringy cheese. My mouth is watering looking back at this photograph. The lovely cheesy macaroni was laced with flaky white and chunky brown crab meat. I had to eat some of the salad just to feel less guilty about this carb fest.

But there's always room for dessert, right?

I went for the Milk 'n' Cookies (£3.50) and Katie opted for the unusual sounding Chocolate Fluffwich (£3.95). We thought they were super affordable prices too - you could almost just go and enjoy a dessert whilst in town for under a fiver.

The waiter, who was super friendly by the way, must have misheard me and accidentally brought out some ice cream too. Obviously, I took a photograph of it anyway. Of course this probably wouldn't happen again, but we did find out that the ice cream went really well with her fluffwich. A medley of Nutella chocolate and marshmallow fluff in a sweet battered dough coming with a fruity blueberry dip, it was a like a sweet and spongy panini full of naughty chocolate and sticky sugar. This one may have been on the burnt side we though, however this is coming from someone whose toast preference is just warm bread.

The strawberry milkshake and chocolate chip cookies were a delightfully presented combination. If I told someone the above picture was taken at an indie London cafe, I think they'd believe me. It was a super fun dessert which reverted me back to childhood - complete with hipster straw!

Completely and utterly stuffed of brilliant grub, we rounded off the meal with a Teapigs peppermint tea each. I loved that they had lots of tea choices from such a quality and well loved brand.

In all, I think you can tell we were impressed. Brilliant portions, fun presentation, lots of colour and choices for all dietary requirements and tastes. You could equally enjoy a superfood salad of peashoots, baby gem lettuce, cucumber, green peppers, spring onion, parsley, basil, mint, apple, herb dressing and guacamole... just as much as you could devour five fluffwiches back to back.

Have you been to your local Revolution lately? What was your favourite sounding dish?

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Note: We dined as guests of Revolution. All opinions are totally honest - I wasn't expected to write a positive review or otherwise.


  1. That mac n cheese is making my mouth water! Looks amazing :p

    Josephine x

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