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thai crab cake noodles.

After my visit to Cromer, I had a fair amount of fresh Cromer crab to get through. We took as much as we could carry in my boot, with cool bags and ice, to enjoy the delights of fresh seafood here in the Midlands. Sadly for seafood lovers, the Midlands isn't best known for its coastline or catch of the day. The first thing I made was my favourite Nigella crab pasta recipe, but next in line was crab cakes. I decided to make them miniature to toss through some fresh egg noodles with lots of veg and oyster sauce.

Shopping list.
♥ One medium dressed crab
♥ 2 tsp lemongrass paste
♥ 1 tsp red chilli paste
♥ 1 tsp sesame oil
♥ 1 inch of fresh ginger
♥ 1 tsp soy sauce
♥ Sesame seeds

♥ You favourite noodles, boiled if packet instructions require
♥ Stir fry veg; think red pepper, mange tout, corn, pak choi...
♥ Fresh coriander
♥ Optional: Two boiled eggs

Step one. Simply mix up the thai crab mix and form into small balls - then scatter with sesame seeds. You should get between 6-8. Allow to chill in the fridge for at least half an hour. 

Step two. Meanwhile, cook your noodles with your stir fry vegetables.

Step three. If you fancy a boiled egg on top, make these now in a small saucepan. I find around 5-6 minutes for soft boiled and 8-9 for hard boiled.

Step four. To cook the crab cakes, heat up a frying pan with a little oil. Cook on a medium heat for 8-10 minutes, turning half way through.

Step five. Serve the crab cakes on top on the noodles, scattered with coriander and arranged with the boiled egg.

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  1. I love crab cakes, but have found living in London crab is so hard to get hold of! Oh I wish to be beside the seaside. These look delicious!

    1. And me! Midlands is not a good place for seafood lovers x

  2. YUM! This sounds delicious, I can just imagine the fragrant flavours.

  3. this sounds delicious- love crab cakes and love the presentation you have put together here!

  4. I never had crab cakes before but these look so yummy! I went to Thailand a few months ago and the food was interesting!

  5. I really like crab and your cakes look proper scrumptious! Thank you for sharing my fish cakes. :)

  6. Can you bring me that round please? Your crab cakes look ace.

    1. Hehe we should have a Leicester blogger cooking night! x

  7. This looks delicious!!!! I'll supply the wine if you fancy cooking dinner? ;)
    Miss Pond x

  8. Oh yum! I don't know how you find the energy to make delicious creative stuff like this for dinners!

  9. I am deffo going to try this...looks yummy