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#fdbloggers secret santa.

Christmas has to be one of the favourites seasons of a food blogger. Food everywhere, cheese boards a plenty and edible gifts for all! Over with the fellow #fdbloggers on Twitter, we've been doing our own secret Santa gift swap. Exchanging gifts with foodies from all around the UK and Ireland, you can head over to the hashtag #fdbloggerssanta to see an array of super thoughtful foodie packed parcels from a mystery Santa. Here what I got from Sal... I mean, Santa...

♥ Cherry Bakewell bon bons
A girl after my own heart, Cherry Bakewells are certainly the way to mine. A lovely and thoughtful gift from someone who obviously knows how I'll add a Bakewell twist to any recipe.

♥ Tart tins
Following on from my love of frangipane based goods, I got a stack of heart shaped tart tins. No doubt appearing in a blog post near you very soon...

♥ The Little Book of Macaroon Tips
Because practice makes perfect! Although I tend to spell it "macaron" this book was definitely very knowledgable with 50 top tips on my favourite French patisserie. You can take a look at my more recent macaron recipes here...

♥ A cute pea pod pen
There are just no words for how cute this is! Because why just have a rollerball when you can have a pen and your five a day all in one?

Thanks Santa, you're the best! Plus matching the wrapping paper to my illustrated dress AND the paper I've bought myself this year gets extra brownie points. Mmm brownies...

Have you taken part in #fdbloggers secret Santa this year? I'd love to hear what you got! 


  1. What a lovely selection of goodies! I can't believe I missed the #fdbloggers secret santa - everyone seems to have had so much fun :)
    Laura | www.daydreamingfoodie.com

  2. Aw this is such a lovely gift - I was bowled over by how thoughtful mine was (and resisting the temptation to reveal myself to my secret santa after the lovely comments she tweeted ;))

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