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what to buy a foodie for christmas...

Foodie Christmas Gift Guide 2015

What to buy a food blogger for Christmas... when they already own 50, 000 aprons, a cupboard full of baking beans and a stack of tea towels to the ceiling. Don't get me wrong - I love all the foodie gifts I get each birthday and Christmas, this year receiving a rather wonderful selection of teaspoons, a teapot, macaron print scales, a chocolate cookery book, a knife sharpener and even some Bakewell tart green tea. All very well thought out gifts which I was overwhelmed and super grateful for. However, if you're struggling to think outside the box and you're about to click "add to bag" on that spice rack - here are a few foodie gift ideas to tickle your tastebuds.

All of the cheese.
Twelve days of cheese to be precise. From Caraway seed Hadrian cheese to a tangy Cheviot wedge, you really can't go wrong with this edible gift. They don't need to find room in their ever growing baking cupboard for this one - just room in their bellies. For £50 think how much fromage induced happiness you could bring someone. Think on that.

Knead to have.
Neverending bread forever. Imagine your foodie partner in crime's excitement when they unwrap a breadmaker on Christmas day. Think of the possibilities! You'll be having freshly baked bread on Boxing Day breakfast to nurse that Christmas hangover. At £120-130 online, this SD-2511 Panasonic breadmaker is particularly awesome because it has 33 different settings which make everything from artisan and sourdough to 100% gluten free loaves. You'll be on a roll!

Waffly versatile.
Speaking of happiness, I present to you the humble waffle maker. Need I say more? For £27.99 think how many Instagram-worthy breakfasts could be had. Even better if you live with said foodie. Endless waffles! (Probably).

Pretty wooden boards.
Foodies are suckers for pretty wooden boards, slates, serving platters, slices of log... the list goes on. And the more rustic the better. This £16 acacia sharing board from Next will make any food blogger happy - just think of the photography background potential! Plus it comes with a tomato and herb chutney - win win.

Biscuits are nice.
For biscuit lovers, you can turn to the creations of Nikki McWilliams for her glorious biscuit inspired gifts, prints, accessories and stationery. Take this custard cream purse for example. Exactly.

Quirky boxes.
It's a well known fact that you can never have too many snack boxes/lunch boxes/leftover boxes/boxes to put things in. Ever better that these Paperchase ones have food with eyes on. Secret Santa = sorted.

Bicycle. Pizza. Cutter.
Because, why not? £16 of pure entertainment.

Bring back the '90s. 
So remember Soda Streams? They're back and they're fizzier than ever. Quick go dust off the one you bought in circa '93 and stock up on cloudy lemonade, pink grapefruit and cream soda. They'll never need to head down the mixer aisle ever again. Gin? I've got a tonic for that...

If in doubt just get us a TK Maxx voucher. Because that baking aisle... *heart eyes*

What do your have your eye on this Christmas? What has been your best ever foodie Christmas present? From stocking fillers to splurges - I hope i've inspired your hunt for the perfect food related pressie!

Post in collaboration with Panasonic. All gift choices, words and opinions my own.


  1. All of the above please Santa!

  2. I definitely need all of these immediately. Why did people stop buying soda streams? They look amazing!

  3. Some great ideas I'm going to add to my list here! Particularly that waffle maker ;)


  4. All of these please! I love those biscuit clutches, I think I'll just have to give in and get the custard cream :) x

  5. That bicycle pizza cutter is genius (and so perfect for a couple of bike-mad friends I have!) And I might have to purloin that custard cream purse for myself <3 Love the list Emily! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

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