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foodie christmas traditions.

Just like any season, with Christmas comes with annual traditions with family and friends. From gingerbread houses and festive bakes to special breakfasts and fusion feasts from around the world, I've put together a few little anecdotes from my fellow food bloggers on how they spend their Christmas break. For the last few December 25th mornings, I've put together a breakfast of
lazy eggs for all the family. So simple but perfect to keep that hunger at bay whilst the house filled up with mouthwatering scents of Christmas dinner.

Emma of Supper in the Suburbs
My Dad and I used to go to the butchers bright and early every Christmas Eve to pick up the meat. We'd queue outside in the cold for a good hour or so before the butchers opens at 7am. One year we got in the paper because the queue was so huge! The family that run the butchers often serve mulled wine and mince pies to keep us warm. 

"These days I go to the Hart's of Smithfields meat auction near Farringdon each Christmas Eve. All the meat is of fantastic quality and of unrivalled value, with most joints priced at just £20."

Claire of Foodie Quine
"We make a gingerbread house every Christmas Eve to eat for pudding on Boxing Day. They've got more elaborate over the years."

Kavita of Kavey Eats
"We grew up having a secular Christmas, our family is half Hindu, half athiest and our best friends were Jewish, so we had a fabulous mish mash dinner. My mum often did and still does Indian tandoori roast leg of lamb but with all the British trimmings."

Sophie of Penne for your Thoughts

"We have loads of traditions, I can't imagine Christmas without any of them including Lebkuchen."

Felicity of They Called it the Diamond Blog

"I go to Midnight Mass every year with my family but before hand I always end up going to the local pub with my friends drinking mulled wine and eating cheese (it's a great pub) beforehand. Once it cultivated into all my friends and half the pub coming to mass. Being Swiss French, my family always spends Christmas Eve celebrating and eating, the main course always being Swiss Fondue shared around the table between 10 of us, of course if you lose your bread/potato/gherkin in the cheese pot you have to do a forfeit. Many a laugh has come out a cheese pot!"

Kerry of Kerry Cooks

I remember once spending hours making royal iced christmas tree cookies only for my brother to spill orange juice over them! I cake up with this quick easy version to prevent that pain...

Urvashi of The Botanical Kitchen
"We have a blini and cocktail party on Xmas eve. The girls love it!"

Andrea of Made With Pink

"The Christmas Morning Wife Saver, which is our traditional Canadian breakfast. I've had it every year for 30 years!"

Choclette of Tin & Thyme
My mother was hosting Christmas for many one year and had ordered an organic goose. As Christmas drew nearer, the rains descended, the rivers swelled and the roads became near impassable. I made an adventurous dash from Cornwall to Devon across the very torrid waters of the Tamar that looked as though they were going to wash the bridge away. I really thought I wasn't going to get home. All very exciting and I was quite the hero when I made it back with said Goose.

I enjoyed finding out all these Christmas traditions! Do you have any of your own? I'd love to hear them.


  1. What a wonderful round up of traditions! I am so sorry I forgot to send you mine after you asked, so I shall tell you about it now... Every Christmas Eve we have a hot buffet (and much fizz) then head to midnight mass for carol singing fun, upon our return we scoff homemade tomato soup and homemade sausage rolls whilst watching a Christmas movie :) Hope you have a lovely Christmas Emily. I've really enjoyed reading your blog this year x

  2. Aww what a lovely little snapshot into all these different bloggers christmas traditions! A lovely post! :)

  3. This was such a lovely read. I love seeing other peoples traditions. Thanks for including mine!

  4. What a great idea, it was interesting to read all of your traditions.I guess I can add one from my country (Bulgaria) - on Christmas Eve we always eat a completely dairy and meat-free dinner. It's a very old tradition and even the biggest meat-lovers become vegan for a night before Christmas :) Merry Christmas!

  5. This was super fun to read. Happy Christmas!!

  6. Really enjoyed reading all these Christmas traditions! It's interesting to see how different families do little things that make their holidays special.

  7. Thinks for including our Gingerbread House tradition. This years one was epic!