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muga ramen dining & bar, london.

Muga Ramen Bar London

MUGA is a stylish, contemporary ramen bar found just a short walk from Piccadilly Circus. This modern London establishment serves up authentic ramen, your way, with a minimalist menu and interiors to match. Whether you're mad about miso or have a yearning for yasai, you simply pick your noodles and add on any extras depending how hungry/greedy you're feeling that day. 

Muga Ramen
Muga Ramen Bar Menu

For large groups and solo diners alike, MUGA is a cool, relaxed atmosphere. I dined along following the Cosmo Blog Awards, and rather enjoyed the laid-back feel of the place. I felt like I could deliberate on the menu for as long as I wanted (and that I did) and take as long as I needed to slurp up those noodles.

Muga London

Choosing the waiter's favourite ramen base, I went for the Shio, a salt based stock. With this came thick ramen noodles, Charshu pork, ajitama, menma (seasoned bamboo shoots), nori, leek, spring onions and sesame seeds. Alongside I went for extra kikurage, sliced black fungus, and nori, which is toasted seaweed. This came in at £9.90, plus an extra £1 for the two 50p toppings - not bad at all.

On the side I opted for Agedashi Tofu (£4.50) which was a crispy tofu tempura with soft, buttery centre. It came laid in soy sauce, which made for a softened underneath and crunchy top - delicious!

Muga Ramen Dining Bar London

The ramen itself was comforting and moreish. The soup was indeed very salty, but went well with the earthy nori, zing of ginger and crunch of sweet spring onions. All my favourite flavours in one beautiful bowl. 

Muga Ramen Bar London Restaurant Review

The base of the ramen definitely made the dish, which seamlessly seemed to complement every element of the bowl. I was surprised that these were the thick noodles as I was hoping for something as thick as my all time favourite udon. However the noodles were perfectly cooked and had a silky, glossy texture.

During my lunch, a few different groups and individuals came and went. The waiter was especially welcoming as he flitted between the open kitchen and happy customers. Downstairs I happened to find a well stocked bar which looked like it would really liven up in the evening. Yuzu citrus wine for me, please!

If you're ever passing by Piccadilly and looking for a big bowl of soothing noodles, this is your place. I need to go back for their Seafood Delight and try and save room for mochi ice cream!

Have you ever been to MUGA? What do you think is the best ramen bar in London?

Note: I dined as a guest of MUGA. All opinions and words my own.


  1. Ooh I'd love to try this out! There's limited options for non-pork eaters in Shoryu Ramen, so it'll be great to try something different.

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  2. ooh I've never had ramen, have read so much about them. Nothing like that in the deep depths of rural Scotland. Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. I haven't been but would love to go - this sounds perfect for me. And it all sounds very reasonably priced as well. So envious you get to try all these fab restaurants Emily : )

  4. I'm feeling so hungry now, the food looks beautifully authentic:-)

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