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jim's smokehouse, nottingham.

Jim's Smokehouse Nottingham
Jim's Smokehouse Nottingham Review

In Nottingham's creative quarter of Hockley, you'll find Jim's Smokehouse. It's a cool and quirky establishment, serving up low and slow cooked meats alongside a US style menu. From larger than life burgers to stomach-busting platters, here you'll find all the American classics and more. With a Man vs. Food attitude, you'd struggle to leave hungry. 

Jim's Smokehouse Nottingham Restaurant

The star of the show is their wood burning smoker, with eclectic light fittings, old typewriters and American memorabilia dotted around. The bar served the likes of Samuel Adams beer and the tables were laid with US style condiments.

To start we shared an all American style platter, complete with calorific corn dogs, sticky chicken wings, hush puppies, jalapeño flamers and nachos. At £7.95 each, this fully loaded sharer was a sight to behold. Having never tried corn dogs before, we were both totally taken with them. Our second favourite turned out to be the red jalapeño flamers with a creamy sauce to offset the hot chilli. The nachos were delicious and authentic too with mixed beans and fresh guacamole layers over crunchy tortilla. But mainly, we could have eaten another ten of those corn dogs!

Jim's Smokehouse Nottingham Starters

For mains I went for the Carolina Pulled Pork (£10.95) whilst my boyfriend chose the Wild Wild West Burger (£12.95) with a side of Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese (£2) to share. With lots of sides to choose from at just £2 each we agreed it was insane value for money. Think smoked pit beans, southern fries, cheesy fries and onion rings. 

Jim's Smokehouse Review

How incredible is that burger? And that's just the single patty - you can double up for £15.95. Stacked up with pulled pork, beef brisket, cheeseburger, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and onion rings, this was one impressive monster of a burger. Needless to say my American diner mad boyfriend scoffed it all up and washed it down with a helping of cheesy macaroni.

My pulled pork shoulder was smoked for 14 hours until tender and doused in homemade south Carolina mustard and BBQ sauce. As expected, it was extremely tender and delicious. The sauce was very strong so if you were looking for a subtle hint of mustard this isn't for you. I personally can't get enough of the stuff and wolfed it down along with my crunchy skin-on-fries and pickles.

Jim's Smokehouse Hockley Nottingham
Jim's Smokehouse Nottingham Burgers

Overall I can see why the place is a hit with the locals and beyond. With the restaurant full by the end of the night, it seems people can't get enough of what that smoker has been cooking all day long. It's a real mix of American influences - with your stuff-your-face Man vs. Food style grub, the anticipated man 'n' cheese. Texan smoked meats, New Orleans prawns and Southern chicken. Of course with New York cheesecake or Mississippi mud pie to finish. If only we had room! It's also worth noting there are a few vegetarian and gluten free options throughout the menu - so something to suit most.

The staff and owner were super friendly and happy to chat to us about their favourite dishes and top up our beer. A great night all round!

Have you ever been to Jim's Smokehouse? What is your favourite smokehouse in Nottingham or the East Midlands?

jim's smokehouse
38-46 goosegate
ng1 1ff.

Note: I was invited for a complimentary restaurant review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. How did he manage to eat that giant stacked burger? Squash down or disassemble?

    1. He only took the onion rings off and then ate it as a burger! Crazy!

  2. I am so hungry after seeing all this lush food!

  3. Ha! I had the same question as James - that burger is HUGE! I've never had a corn dog either, is it a sausage in corn batter that's deep fried? If so, I'm liking that idea :)
    Janie x

  4. Nothing to see here, unsurprisingly a positive review from a blogger on a free product. Fwiw it's not a complete hit with the locals - perhaps ask why the restaurant's own FB page doesn't allow reviews to be posted (by paying customers).

    1. Thank you for your comment, anonymous. If you read through my other reviews (a mix of 100% paid for and free) you will see a mix of opinions. On my social media channels you'll see there are a lot of places that I return and pay for too. This place just happened to be pretty damn good. Most tables were full and plates were empty, so I guessed people were enjoying their night as much as I was.

    2. I think this is a great review and to 'anonymous' I can vouch for Emily's integrity as a blogger. There are a few bloggers out there who ruin the reputation for the rest of us by exchanging free meals for positive reviews regardless of experience but Emily is certainly not one of them.

      I've eaten at Jims before and wasn't overly impressed but that was a while ago now and it certainly looks like they've improved their offering. I'll be heading back soon to check it out! Looks great.

  5. That all looks pretty damn good to me.

  6. This looks soooo good! I'm so happy you've had a corn dog, I love corn dogs but you definitely don't get them enough in the UK!

    Jasmin Charlotte x

  7. This place looks awesome! Wowzer. I love this type of food..haven't had a corn dog in years.