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avocado & bacon burger.

A super easy barbecue recipe for the Summer. I've teamed up again with Iceland to show how the #PowerofFrozen is perfect for BBQ season. Their 100% beef quarter pounder burgers and easy bake cobs are such handy ingredients to have in the freezer ready for sunny days. In this avocado and bacon burger recipe, I simply cooked up their super tasty burger patties with slices of crispy bacon and ripe avocado in a soft burger bun. The beef burgers are essentially just great quality beef with a seasoning of salt and pepper - frozen food doesn't mean rubbish food! Serve with their easy-to-cook sweet potato fries for the ultimate Summer feast!

Shopping list.
100% Beef Quarter Pounder Burgers (£2.00)
♥ Home Baked Crusty White Rolls (£1.25)
Sweet Potato Fries (£2.00)
♥ Smoked bacon, cooked until crispy
♥ Ripe avocado
♥ Mayonnaise

Step one. Bake the cobs according to packet instructions, which takes around 10 minutes from frozen. To add sweet potato fries, cook these now for 25 minutes.

Step two. Slice up your avocado and have your bacon cooked, crispy and ready.

Step three. Grill your burgers according to instructions, which takes 14-17 minutes. Once cooked from frozen you can finish on the BBQ.

Step four. Serve together with mayo. Eat immediately!

Have you enjoyed the first BBQ of the season yet? I'd love to hear your barbecue recipes and frozen food hacks!

In collaboration with Iceland


  1. This looks delicious and is a perfect easy recipe anyone can do!

  2. I love that you've added avocado to the burger, so yummy! I'm always surprised by the quality of the ingredients when I go to Iceland.

  3. What a great idea for a hot sunny day, I haven't tried the ready to bake breads yet but I think I'm going to have too now!

  4. I LOVE avocado in burgers, it's like one of the best combinations ever! yum!