bakewell tart energy bites.

For those times that you really fancy a Bakewell tart but are trying to be that little bit healthier. These cherry Bakewell energy bites are made from almonds, coconut, dates and infused with almond essence to create that famous Derbyshire tart flavour. At just under 100 calories with a great source of protein and fibre, these are perfect for an afternoon kick, bitesize sweet treat or a pre-run boost. I made them with my powerful new Optimum G.21 Platinum Series Blender, which not only can make nut milk and butter, but is brilliant for creating smooth energy ball recipes from natural ingredients.

Shopping list.
(Makes 12-14 energy balls)
♥ 150g whole blanched almonds
♥ 10g desiccated coconut 
♥ 120g pitted dates
♥ A drop of almond essence 

Simple blitz all the ingredients in a high powered blender and form into small walnut sized balls. It's as easy as that. They keep in the fridge up to five days in an air tight container.

Have you made energy balls before? Or an alternative to Bakewell tart (I'm always into Bakewell inspired recipes...) I'd love to hear them!

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As a Froothie ambassador, I have been given a Optimum G.21 Platinum to include in my posts. All recipes, words and photography my own.

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  1. These look so tasty! I love almond and cherry - great combination!