pizza klub, berlin.

Found in the Schöneberg area of Berlin, by the Yorckstraße UBahn station, you'll find a little gem of a pizza place. With some specials named after rock stars of the ages, Pizza Klub serves up delicious pizzas with inspiring toppings and generous portions. Vegans will be pleased to know they can enjoy the menu too, with varieties of realistic vegan cheese oozing from mouthwatering stone baked bases.

We went for the Jimi Hendrix, Parmigiana and the Bianca. Which at 8.60-9.50 euros each were a real steal. A moreish and crispy base with plentiful toppings of mushrooms, ricotta, artichokes, fresh rosemary and an extra topping of spinach for €1.50. The staff were seriously friendly and didn't seem to mind my terrible attempts at the local language. Despite a short power cut, the staff ploughed on keeping diners happy and the spirits up. A really quirky place to eat and a seemingly popular independent.

I would definitely recommend booking in advance! Whether you stay in or takeaway, Pizza Klub is a must for pizza lovers.
Katzlerstraße 10
10829 Berlin


  1. Wow, these pizzas are massive! They look so good too. I love Berlin, will bookmark this for my next trip!x

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  4. Oh wow! These look amazing! I'm looking forward to my trip there even more now!