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easy lemon and rose petal cupcakes: #icakeyou.

And so on to part three of my #ICAKEYOU collaboration with Betty Crocker. These baking treats were a midweek pick-me-up to my team at work. Having made the lovely Betty Crocker red velvet cake and used their mixes for my carrot cake pops, I couldn't wait to get my hands on their lemon cake mix to give these cupcakes a whirl. After using their lemon sponge and simple lemon buttercream, I sprinkled with edible rose petals and... ta da!

Shopping list. 
(Makes 12 cupcakes)
♥ Zesty Lemon Cake Mix
♥ 90ml vegetable oil
♥ 180ml water
♥ Three medium free range eggs
♥ Zesty Lemon Icing
♥ Edible rose petals
♥ 12 cupcake cases

Make the sponge according to packet instructions and evenly distribute between the 12 cupcake cases. It really is as easy as that! The mix does take a little less time as cupcakes, so watch the oven and take out when they look golden and a skewer through the middle comes away clean.

Then, simply fill a piping bag and star nozzle with the lemon buttercream and scatter with rose petals. Instant cake to wow your loved ones!

Have you ever made lemon cupcakes or have a favourite cupcake recipe? Or perhaps have done some baking with edible flowers? I'd love to know!

In collaboration with Betty Crocker.


  1. These are such pretty cakes! I am really craving fresh lemon flavours at the moment, and these make a nice change from chocolate cake.

  2. These are so beautiful! I love the rose petals scattered on the top - they would be fab at a party or baby/bridal shower. Your photos are just gorgeous!