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mexican style bean ball tacos.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And what better way to join in the celebrations than to create a Mexican banquet brimming with colour, flavour and passion. For over eighty years, Old El Paso have been the go-to guys for effortless but fun recipe kits and condiments; helping families and friends for conjure up Mexican feasts time after time. Full of colour, texture and flavour, the Mexican cuisine lends itself to bringing simple ingredients to life. 

Featuring their Smokey BBQ Stand 'n' Stuff Soft Taco Kit, I've come up with a vegetarian recipe that's super easy to make and even quicker to devour. This Mexican style bean ball recipe is made from red kidney and borlotti beans before being stuffed in the taco shells with guacamole, salsa, tomatoes, the heavenly smokey sauce and lashings of fresh coriander and lime.

Shopping list.
For the Mexican bean balls (makes 12-14)
♥ 400g tin of red kidney beans
♥ 400g tin of borlotti beans (black beans or similar would be good here too)
♥ One garlic clove, crushed
♥ 50g breadcrumbs
♥ One free range egg
♥ Old El Paso seasoning mix
♥ Plain flour, if needed
♥ A dash of your preferred cooking oil

To accompany 
♥ Soft tacos (come with the kit)
♥ Salsa (comes with the kit)
♥ Creme fraiche with a squeeze of lime
♥ Cherry tomatoes, halved
♥ Fresh coriander
♥ Fresh lime
♥ Bunting and novelty cocktail sticks optional

Equipment; Blender, frying pan,.

Step one. Blitz together 200g of the kidney beans with all of the borlotti beans and garlic. Add back in the remaining kidney beans with breadcrumbs, egg and seasoning. Should the mix feel too sticky, add a tiny bit of plain flour and combine. 

Step two. Heat up your frying pan with a little oil. Arrange the balls around the pan and cook for 8-10 minutes until cooked though.

Step three. Serve with the accompaniments and condiments to allow your guests to arrange their tacos as they please! 

What are your favourite Mexican recipes? Do you have a particular Old El Paso kit that you make again and again? They only take a few minutes - so you still have time to pop the shop and rustle up a Mexican party spread! Salud!

This post is an entry to the Foodies 100 Cinco de Mayo recipe challenge sponsored by Old El Paso. The range of Old El Paso products is available in all major supermarkets. To find out more, visit www.oldelpaso.co.uk


  1. These look delicious. I love the stand and stuff soft tacos. So easy to use!

  2. These are so cute - I actually served them to my kids over the weekend and they loved them. Much less mess than usual so big thumps up from me!

  3. I've never tried a kit, but I love Mexican food and your bean ball tacos sound fabulous.

  4. These look so delicious Emily! And a great variation on the standard taco mince meat.