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cappuccino cupcakes.

i made these cappuccino cupcakes for a charity bake sale at work last week :) an experimental recipe, i added espresso powder to a plain cupcake recipe and then grated chocolate on vanilla buttercream. 

shopping list
♥ 130g self raising flour
♥ two eggs
♥ 130g unsalted butter, softened
♥ 130g caster sugar
♥ 1-2 espresso powders dissolved in 50ml water - depending on your taste
♥ twelve cake cases

♥ 200g icing sugar
♥ 200g unsalted butter, softened
♥ a splash of vanilla extract
♥ 50-100g good quality milk chocolate 

i absolutely love these little things for coffee flavoured treats - i discovered them when i made coffee shortbread a while back. instant espresso pouches or cups great to just keep in the cupboard for baking and last ages. i used 1 and a half in this recipe. firstly combining the butter and sugar, then slowly the eggs and flour. you then stir in the coffee mixture.

bake the cupcakes for 15-18 minutes at 200 degrees. prepare the buttercream icing by combining the butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract with a blender or hand blender. if the icing is a little tough to mix, add a splash of milk to loosen up. if you need to harden up the icing again, i find leaving in the fridge helpful. 

when the cupcakes have totally cooled, add the buttercream and then grate the bar of chocolate on top. i love this menier chocolate which always seems to be on offer! as you can see it comes in 100g but i only used about half here. 

enjoy :)

what do you think? have you got any coffee or cappuccino cupcake recipes?

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