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happy birthday highcross leicester.

i still can't believe the highcross leicester is celebrating its 5th birthday. five years ago, i was in my second year of studying english at university of leicester and awaiting my first shift at the centre's handmade burger co. five years on, handmade burger co. is still there - amongst an expanding food courtyard spanning continents of flavours. recent additions include mexican canteena chilaca and american style coast 2 coast - with caribbean restaurant turtle bay set to open its doors next week! oh and they have hundreds of shops too. but who needs shops, right?

september 4th was celebrated with a holi style festival of colour: beautiful local bhangra dancers and rainbows of powder paint filled st. peter's square.

i also managed to take a little video just at the perfect moment where they went powder paint crazy. enjoy!

and the colourful aftermath with everyone in high spirits...


thinking of coming for a date night, weekend treat or family get together at the highcross? here are a few reviews of the places you may enjoy... :) soon to come - turtle bay!

remember if you upload any pictures of the festival happenings to facebook, twitter or instagram, get involved with the hashtag #highcross5 

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