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nakd snacks: the little wholefood wonders.

i was recently sent a few treats to try from the lovely people of natural balance foods; a variety of flavours of their nakd raisins and bars. so they're gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, part of your 5 a day and no added sugar or nasties... stop right there and pass me a multipack of daim bars! only kidding, these little things really did feel like quite a naughty sweet after a meal or as a scrumptious mid morning snack. 

so in my box i received cashew cookie, cocoa orange, banana bread, berry delight, apple pie and cocoa delight  and some lime, cola and cherry raisins - which you can order in various boxes from their site. interesting flavours hey? they also have some new crunchy style fruit bars that just became available which i'm very intrigued by - they have soya crunch pieces on flavours such as cocoa crunch which i think would really add to the bars i tried.

so what did i think to the flavours? you could definitely identify the flavours of banana bread and cocoa orange with a blindfold - those were my favourites. i also really liked the cashew cookie which had a coconut taste - probably down to the coconut in the recipe! the texture was unexpectedly chewy as they are bound together with fruits such as dates with added strawberries... bananas... depending on the bar. my least favourites were the fruit flavour ones as i would much prefer to eat an apple than anything apple tasting - but that's just me!

the raisins were so, so sweet i couldn't believe it! my favourite was the cherry one as i have been known to be fond of a bakewell!

what do you think? have you tried these bars? or anything similar? 

note: i was kindly sent these products to review but was not paid for this post.

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