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baked lazy eggs.

A little, compact breakfast for lazy Sunday mornings. Goodbye all day breakfast in a can, hello baked lazy eggs. I'd been wanting to try something like this for a while, so I thought this would be perfect opportunity to pick up some local Leicestershire eggs from a nearby village and try them out. 

So what will you need for these little breakfast treats?

Shopping list
Makes four, serves two
♥ Four free range eggs
♥ Four slices of posh ham - I used Wiltshire 
♥ Two tomatoes - slice into four
♥ Your favourite cheese - these mozzarella discs are really handy but have also used Red Leicester and blue cheese
♥ 50g spinach, wilted
♥ American muffins, toasted
♥ A muffin/cupcake tin

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

Step one. Begin by spraying the tin with an oil spray. I think butter would also work here but most importantly use something that wont stick and will crisp up the ham.

Step two. Line with the ham slices like so and push down with the tomato.

Step three. Add on the cheese and wilted spinach. you can do this in any order really but I think the tomato works best as a based and stops the cheese from melted through. Then, the spinach works as it incorporates into the egg white as it bakes.

Step four. Carefully crack the eggs on top, trying to get the yolk central. The whites may leak a bit but this is fine and actually adds a nice crisp. I also used cupcake tins but maybe a muffin tray would hold more tasty filling! 

Look at those beautifully yellow fresh yolks! 

Don't forget the salt and black pepper!

Step five. Bake for 15 minutes in the middle of the oven, turning half way. Meanwhile, toast the muffins.

There you have it - lazy baked eggs! What do you think? What layers would you do in yours? Or if you like your eggs cooked by someone else, I'd definitely recommend Mrs Bridges poached eggs or an Indian omelette from the bombay breakfast at dishoom.

Thanks for stopping by emily's recipes and reviews :)


  1. What a great idea - I've been having a bit of an egg-fest lately. Must add this to the repetoire. If you're interested, I just posted an 'Eggs in Clouds' recipe on my blog, with smoked sea salt :)

  2. Good heavens that looks like a breakfast made for a King. I am definitely trying this out at some point this week! What an excellent idea. Yum! xo

  3. Hehe thanks! Do let me know if you try it out - and if you try any alternative fillings! xx

  4. Wow, what a great idea!
    I will try these out for lunch........can hardly wait!

    1. Thanks Jean glad you like them! Take a picture and post to me on Twitter if you can - I'd love to see xx

  5. What a clever idea! These look like a perfect Sunday morning breakfast. Thank you for sharing with Shop Local!

    1. Thanks :) No problem - looking forward to the October challenge! xx