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floral cakepop class at landgirls cookery school.

This weekend I took my mum along to a cakepop decorating class at the landgirls cookery school in hartshill. By a marina in a quaint warwickshire village setting, I found landgirls on Groupon with the offer of £18 each for a cupcake or cakepop class of your choice. I was also surprised to hear they did all sorts of other classes too; from artisan bread to choux pastry patisserie and macaron magic to culinary curry. 

I booked the floral cakepop class which involved learning how to make the cake pop mix with techniques for consistency, dipping chocolate, colouring and preparing the sugar paste and arranging the decorations with melted chocolate for "glue". I also learnt that cocktail sticks are a cake pop maker's best friend.

We were greeted by tea, coffee, lemon cupcakes, biscuits and freshly made honeycomb whilst we looked at other creations that had been made. The zoo animal cake pops looked amazing - such detailed tigers, zebras and lions! 

To begin the cake pops, we combined sponge cake crumbs with buttercream to make a marzipan like mix. We then moulded them into 35g plant pot and topiary balls and sat them in an artist palette - genius idea! The sticks were sealed to the cake pop with melted white chocolate.

Next they were dipped in melted coloured chocolate. i went for green plants and brown plant pots.

My mum is annoyingly good at everything to do with crafts and such. Mine are a little more rustic!

I used a mix of pea green and sage green food colouring to make this leaf colour. I cut out the shapes and then made a press to create the vein detailing. We had loads of fun mixing colours such as hot pink, brick red, ocean blue and tiger lily orange and experimenting with the cutters, sprinkles and layering of the petals. My hands were too much of a rainbow of food colourings to take any pictures at this point!

I had a go at a few topiary styles as well as many various made up flowers, pansy looking creations and rolls of roses. We used sprinkles to make it look like a little trail of flowers flowing from the plant pot.

And these were my mum's... she got into using the edible paints too!

Lastly, we packaged them up all pretty. ta da!

What do you think? Have you ever tried out a cake workshop? Or maybe made cake pops at home? A big thanks to Annaliese for a great class - I would really recommend landgirls and am already thinking of returning for a bread workshop. 

find them on facebook or twitter @landgirlsonline


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