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homemade seafood pizza.

what could be better than pizza... a homemade pizza where you get to handpick the combination ingredients of course! in restaurants i always love the seafood pizzas, ones with lots of cheese, ham and cheese or the veggie ones with lots of onions and peppers. never been a pepperoni or meat feast kinda gal. nevertheless, i always find myself adding or taking away toppings and feel like i always want a cheesy, veggie, seafood mix. so, i thought i'd make my own seafood pizza and whilst also trying out the supermarket bought pizza base mixes you can get. 

so for my usual shopping list part... you'll firstly need a pizza base mix. you can of course make your own but this sainsbury's one was brilliant. as for toppings you can do what you like. 

for the tomato pizza base i whizzed up the 6 tomatoes, shallots, garlic and a tablespoon of sun dried tomato puree. this also doubled as a pasta sauce - more on that later :)

the instructions explained how you stretch the dough out in the centre of the pizza stone and leave in a warm place for it to increase in size. we went for our living room which gets so, so hot. i also enlisted the help of a rolling pin to get it to grow - though remember to use lots of plain flour to prevent sticking.

evenly spread over the tomato base (one of your five a day, of course) and then go for it with toppings! 

bake for 10-12 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 degrees.

the next day, i had king prawns, olives, red pepper and the tomato sauce left over. this is what happened... :)

what do you think? what's your favourite pizza to make? any dishes you like to make from leftovers? love food, hate waste is what i say! oh and if you do like your pizza being made for you, i can wholeheartedly recommend peter pizzeria in loughborough.


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