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is your favourite deli or farm shop the best in the midlands?

is your favourite local deli or farm shop the best in the midlands? make yourself known! the bbc good food shows are calling for nominations from local foodies to find and crown the midlands' best deli or farm shop for 2014.

whether your local farm shop is an expert on cheese or you think the quality of their free range eggs is second to none... here is your time to sing their praises! what's more, this fabulous opportunity is a free stand at the bbc good food show from 27th-30th november 2014 to show off their fantastic wares.

previous winners include becketts farm in wythall last year doddington hall in lincolnshire back in 2012.

farm shops and delis are urged to encourage their customers, fans and suppliers to nominate them for the competition, or apply by nominating themselves. judges from the show and the magazine will be looking at the following:

♥ range of international and local produce

♥ quality and value of produce
♥ product knowledge and enthusiasm 
♥ customer service
♥ services, facilities and community involvement 

judges include: 

barney desmazery - food editor, bbc good food magazine.
katy truss -­ fabulous food finds and bbc good food shows' artisan food specialist.
laura biggs - managing director of bbc good food shows.
bbc good food show blogging community.

voting closes on july 18th 2014. 

if you're looking to visit the nec event, you can now get 15% discount on bbc good food show tickets with the promo code rr20, which will work from now until 15th june 2014.


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