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simple caprese salad.

a trio of red, green and white dancing on the plate, this salad is a celebration of italian colours and flavours. keeping it fresh and simple is a must with this recipe, i just couldn't wait to share with you the brilliant italian produce from nife is life which i used to create it. 

shopping list.
♥ buffalo mozzarella
♥ premium tomatoes 
♥ fresh basil leaves
♥ extra virgin olive oil
♥ coarse sea salt and cracked black pepper

there's no doubt this recipe is a straight forward one, but this is the perfect excuse to use great quality ingredients and let their flavours shine through. although gooey melted mozzarella can be heavenly on a pizza, i really think serving fresh, cold mozzarella is often overlooked. 

having recently had a gorgeous caprese salad on holiday in malta, i was craving that creamy, tangy taste with juicy tomatoes and subtly sweet and peppery basil. there is every reason this combination has stood the test of time.

as you can see, you tear up the basil leaves and mozzarella and add to chopped tomatoes. 
their hand cut buffalo mozzarella d.o.p. is flown directly from local producer la baronia, based right next to naples in campania, making it really special. you can just tell from the skin and the way it tears how fantastic it will taste - something i learnt working at a local leicestershire deli on the cheese counter.

crunch over some salt and pepper. i used the maltese sea salt i brought back from holiday for 2 euros :)

don't forget to add a dash of olive oil...

buon appetito!

i have a few more recipes with nife is life produce coming up... including a salad with balsamic and some homemade pasta. can't wait to share them!

for now, find out more about the italian home delivery at nifeislife.com ♥

note: i was sent some of the featured products to review, with ingredients and recipe chosen by myself. all opinions are my own.


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