sushi time, birmingham.

satisfy your sushi cravings at the newly opened sushi time in central birmingham. from beautifully presented bento boxes to rows of delicate sushi rolls, their menu showcases a variety of seafood and vegetarian dishes to mix and match. 

Update: This restaurant has now sadly closed.

over a green tea for two, we browsed the colourful menu of maki, futomaki, nigri and sashimi. i once wrote a little sushi glossary, if you wondered what the different kinds are :) the various dishes all looked and sounded so inventive with so much technique and skill put into each tiny morsel. 

there were a couple of hot dishes including miso, tempura and spring rolls, though around 95% of the menu is made up of rolls - absolutely brilliant for me but not so much for my katsu curry loving boyfriend.

after much deliberation of all the amazing sounding salmon, avocado and king prawn dishes on offer, i went for the koharu maki, which has rolled up tempura tiger prawns, cream cheese and avocado, with salmon sashimi draped on top, and ying yang, made up of tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber and then deep fried. how fantastic is that teardrop shape formed in the sushi roll? they tasted even better than they looked. very filling too.

my boyfriend went for the ebichiz maki and california tempura futomaki; king prawn and cream cheese small rolls and larger rolls made up of salmon, crab sticks, avocado and tobiko and then deep fried.

deliciously fresh sushi, intuitive combinations and stunning presentation. i don't know about you, but i'm feeling inspired to attempt some of these rolls myself! read more about my adventures with sushi and japanese cuisine here.

find out more about their restaurant and takeaway here...

sushi time
17-19 martineau place,
b2 4ub.


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