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onken naturals: cooking with lisa faulkner.

this week i braved the tube strike and headed to the capital for an exciting onken event. with cookery demonstrations from masterchef winner lisa faulkner and expert nutrition advice from angela dowden, myself and other foodies learnt some brilliantly inventive ways to use yoghurt in every day cooking. an ingredient that i often use in indian dishes myself, i was intrigued by the line up of banana muffins and french onion dip. so how did i get on?

first up it was time to get mashing those bananas and adding a delicious dollop of onken to make the breakfast muffins. luckily, everything was weighed out for us so we hoped it would all go to plan...

my very own muffins ready for the oven. of course topped with a sprinkle of sugar...

whilst the warming banana aroma filled the kitchen, lisa next demonstrated a recipe for french onion dip. something i'd never thought to add to dips, this was such a quick and easy recipe. made me think why i ever buy pre made when this one was so speedy and you knew exactly what was in it.

lastly was the chicken tikka kebabs. as the chicken needed to marinade we didn't get to get stuck in as much here. i now wish i'd taken some of the marinade home as i can't wait to have a go with a white fish such as haddock or pollock.

luckily, onken were kind enough to send me home with some spices so i have no excuse not to try this one out.

as for my muffins, they were a success too! i'm going to try out an alternative flavour for a recipe post so watch this space. although i'm actually going to have to weigh out my own ingredients and even do my own washing up this time...

such a diverse range of recipes that it seems natural yoghurt should actually be a staple in my fridge from now on. it's something i worry i'll only use for one meal and then think it might go out of date - but definitely something i will consider in my food shop planning from now on.

do you have any yoghurt recipes you often make? do you think it's more of a sweet or savoury ingredient?

find out more about #onkennaturals and their dollop of difference campaign with lisa and angela over at onken.co.uk ♥


  1. Hi Em, it looks like you had a great day! I've also started using yoghurt in my recipes, its surprising great the dishes turn out! I made greek yoghurt brownies last week - they were delicious! Plus it was nice not feeling guilty about having a couple extra slices as the yoghurt was 0% fat and substituted the butter! 0% Fat Yoghurt is definitely the way forward!

    See recipe here: http://www.luchiacooks.com/2014/04/greek-yoghurt-brownies.html

    1. Aww wow looks like a great recipe! Was very fun :) Hope to meet you at an event soon xx