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chickpea, spinach and tomato poppadom shahi bake.

following my king prawn and charred pepper jeera recipe with vini and bal's indian sauces from last week, i'm going vegetarian with this indian style lasagne made with chickpea, spinach and tomato. instead of lasagne sheets, i used poppadoms for the layers which soaked up the flavours of their shahi sauce whilst remaining a little crispy. quite the experiment in emily's kitchen, i'd love to know your thoughts if you make it too.

shopping list
makes a small bake, which serves two.
♥ 400g chickpeas, drained
♥ 200g baby spinach leaves 
♥ 10-15 baby plum tomatoes, sliced
♥ half a white onion, chopped
♥ vini and bal's shahi sauce

♥ 6 poppadoms

begin by cooking the onion, tomatoes and just a dash of the shahi sauce on a medium heat. i saved a few tomatoes on the vine for a side too.

next add in the chickpea and spinach, allowing the spinach to gradually wilt. finally add the rest of the shahi sauce. preheat your oven to 180 degrees whilst you allow to simmer and infuse for 10 minutes.

layer up the curry mixture in a baking dish and top with large broken up pieces of poppadom like you would for a lasagne.

repeat and top with the last few poppadoms - i used garlic and coriander flavour.

bake in the oven for 10 minutes, along with the tomatoes wrapped in tin foil.

assemble with the tomatoes. don't worry if it looks rustic, vini and bals' pride their sauces on being rustic too!

say hello to italian inspired indian fusion... with the simple and sensational vini and bal's shahi sauce. meaning “royal”, shahi is the most decadent and creamy of the range: mildly spiced, indulgent and sophisticated. subtle, fragrant spices including coriander, cardamoms and paprika combine in a gentle, silky sauce perfect for marinating salmon steaks or a classic palak paneer with cubes of paneer cheese and baby spinach.

fancy trying the sauces for yourself? as may blogger of the month, i'm giving away a selection of their sauces and an official vini and bal's cool bag. closing date 23rd may - good luck! :)

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